Four-star junior safety lands Irish offer

Junior safety Brendon White had a pretty good day at Notre Dame on Saturday. The four-star prospect landed an offer from the Irish early in his visit. Then he learned a lot about the school.

Four-star junior safety Brendon White had a pretty good day on Saturday.

The 6-foot-2, 195-pounder from Liberty High School in Olentangy, Ohio traveled to South Bend with his father, former Ohio State defensive back William White, to watch Notre Dame’s showdown with Georgia Tech.

Notre Dame surprised White early in the visit with an offer.

“I was shocked, I’ll tell you that right now,” White said. “That was my first time in contact with them. I had a feeling they were recruiting me because they followed me on Twitter. I talked to the linebackers coach and the coach who recruits Ohio. I met the DB coach and the defensive coordinator. The linebackers coach said coach (Brian) Kelly wants to talk to me in his office. I went in there with my dad and he said what we have and what we look for in a Notre Dame player and all that and about the school and the education. After that he stood up and shook my hand and offered me.”

Notre Dame’s interest in White intensified earlier this season. He jumped at the game day invitation.

He wasn’t disappointed with what he saw on the field and was extremely interested in what he heard from the Irish coaching staff.

“It was a real cool experience for me,” White said. “What really caught my eye was when the linebackers coach told me that 94-percent of their football players graduate. That’s a really big key for me because education, for me, goes super far and that’s what I look for in schools. That really caught my eye and I’m truly blessed to have that offer.”

White’s father also was impressed by Notre Dame’s commitment to education.

“What caught his eye was the education, how they take education first,” White said. “He said I could get hurt first year playing there or the first play if I start or I could get hurt the next few years. He said the education is very important. The coach said that 94-percent of their football players graduate and that’s what really caught his eye right there and made him think that Notre Dame could be the spot for me. That really triggered his thoughts about Notre Dame.”

That could work in Notre Dame’s favor as the Irish are competing with Ohio State, Michigan State, Boston College, Illinois and a handful of others.

White has an interest in the Buckeyes but isn’t sure he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps.

“People say that’s my dream school and that might be my dream school but I’m not sure,” he said. “I’m really interested in Notre Dame and Michigan State right now. I feel like Notre Dame is a really good school and probably a school I’d want to go to in a few years or so. I wouldn’t say Ohio State is my dream school. I’d say I’d like to get an offer from there but I’m just taking it day by day. I want some adventure for myself. I don’t want to stay in the same state I was born in. I want to go out and venture in the world. I feel like Notre Dame would be a good spot for me maybe.”

Ohio State has yet to offer but that could change in the near future.

“They have sent me multiple letters saying I’m going to be a Buckeye soon and all that,” White said. “I don’t know what the wait is but we keep in touch and I talk to the coaches probably once a week. We’re in touch but I don’t know what the deal is that’s taking them so long.”

Most schools are recruiting White as a safety but he could grow into a linebacker or even play on the offensive side of the ball.

“You never know. I’m 195 right now and have another year of high school so I could get to 200. As of now I’m going to be a safety,” White said. “Some schools, they don’t really know right now but as of right now it’s safety or slot receiver.” Top Stories