Subscriber Q&A: Julian Love

What Notre Dame players did Julian Love like growing up? Who’s he recruiting? Does he want to play some offense? The longtime Notre Dame commitment answered those questions and more in this subscriber Q&A.

When Julian Love committed to Notre Dame in the spring it marked the end of a ride he could barely have imagined happening.

Love grew up a Notre Dame fan, just like his dad, and didn’t anticipate being recruited by his dream school. But that’s how it happened and in a matter of months Love will sign with the Irish to formally end his recruitment.

He joined Irish Illustrated this week to answer questions from subscribers about the process, his favorite players growing up and more.

Question 1: What was it that sold you so quick on ND and what are you looking forward to the most when you get to campus? - jturk83

Julian Love: I’ve been a huge Notre Dame fan every since I was real young. I just loved the blue and gold, how crazy the stadium was, just everything about it — the whole atmosphere of Notre Dame. I never thought I’d be even a recruit let alone a commit to Notre Dame, even up to last year. I’m looking forward to just being with all my friends. My girlfriend goes to St. Mary’s. I’ve just been waiting to dress in that locker room ever since I saw the movie ‘Rudy’ when I was like six. I’m excited for everything, every aspect of it. I’m gonna work hard for it.

Question 2: Do you pay attention to the star ratings and how did the camp circuit provide additional confidence going against other top players? - CPugh15

JL:  When I was younger I was really caught up on the stars and rankings. I’ve been a three-star for as long as I can remember. Everybody says that because of my size. I’m about 5-11 and 180. Going along with the camp circuit, you go against a bunch of guys that are four or five stars, I realized it’s almost not fair because guys that aren’t as good as you or were born on the West Coast or in a Southern state automatically have a better star than you. Midwest guys have to work twice as hard being that you’re usually a lower star.

Question 3: What are your impressions of Todd Lyght as a coach and recruiter? - bigazzry

JL: This sounds weird now, but the best way I can describe coach Lyght is like that cool uncle that you always talk at family parties. He’s really laid back. He’s really cool. He’s a young coach. He kinda did everything. I was talking to him about his businesses after he graduated and all that stuff, after he finished the pros. He’s really laid back but when you see him on the Showtime series, he’s passionate. I’ll say that. He’s very passionate when it comes to DBs and I think that’s a special thing to have where we’re like a family to him, all the DBs.

Question 4: Did you have any favorite Notre Dame players that you grew up watching? - rocketmania28

JL: Let’s see. I don’t know why, I always was a fan of Tyler Eifert for some reason. Actually, I think I was around 11 or 12, it was Cierre Wood, the old running back. I always noticed him because of his cool mouthguard. He was a good player. Then Manti Te’o was a favorite player too.

Question 5: What other recruits are you active in trying to get to Notre Dame as well? - kansasnd

JL: I’m really close with Parker Boudreaux, Tommy Kraemer. I’m close with Tony Jones because we competed at IMG this summer. Obviously, John Shannon because he’s a Chicagoland guy and we talk often. Donte Vaughn, I was actually talking to him when I was at the Rivals camp in May. He was asking me about Notre Dame. He said he just visited or was going to visit. He was asking me why I wanted to go there. I kinda explained to him, not knowing who he was, why I chose Notre Dame. I think that was huge since he’s with us now. Guys that I’m talking to, kinda the main one right now is Damar Hamlin. We were texting before his game Friday night. He seems close, I’m not gonna lie. Close to a commitment. That would be huge. He’s a good friend and we’ve competed over the years a lot. That would be a huge pickup.

Question 6: What do you plan to major in at Notre Dame? - Morrissey79

JL: I plan to major in business with an emphasis on accounting or finance. I’m thinking about double majoring or minoring in film and production actually. I feel like with my personality, kinda open and charismatic as people say, I feel like I could have a future career in broadcasting and hopefully be on ESPN or something. That would be very nice. If not, I know I could be a successful businessman.

Question 7: How did it feel to be one of the first commitments in the class and how comfortable are you now with recruiting other players? - odb45

JL: I didn't know what to do with anything. I didn’t know who to talk to, who to contact or who to recruit. The coaches were telling me to help out with recruiting and I was like, ‘How? I don’t know anybody.’ I was in awe for awhile. Then I realized, alright, no matter who I see at camps if they have an offer I’ll message coach Lyght and ask him who I should talk to. That’s how it was … I have a good read on people to where I know what they’re looking for whether it’s a professional career in football or just a great business degree or something along those lines, early playing time. Things that recruits look for. I kinda target those areas and just see what I can do for Notre Dame.

Question 8: Do you have an aspirations of playing on offense while you’re in college? - dashingdomer

JL: That’s a good question actually. I do. The thing about me, like most guys will have their set position. I’m more than OK playing kickoff for four years and just kinda doing what I can do there, just helping out. But I would love to play offense. I’ll definitely try to sneak in on a couple scout reps on offense or something along those lines. I’ll just try to be an athlete any way I can possibly help. Top Stories