Staff Picks: Notre Dame vs. Boston College

Irish Illustrated’s staff gives its predictions for Saturday night’s Shamrock Series showdown against Boston College.

With Tim Prister’s weekly game preview still to come, the rest of the Irish Illustrated staff offers a few thoughts on Saturday’s matchup with Boston College and the nation’s No. 1 ranked offense.

Pete Sampson
DeShone Kizer will throw it 40 times on Saturday night. Those passes will account for more than 300 aerial yards for the Irish. And Brian Kelly won’t care that Notre Dame played an unbalanced game offensively. Boston College stops the run better than anybody. So Notre Dame won’t force that issue. Don’t forget that Kelly likes passing. And if an opponent is hell bent on stacking the box, that’s when Kelly loves passing. The Irish spread the ball around in a game that will have ugly stretches. But nobody will care as Notre Dame hits double-digit wins for the second time in the past four years. The Irish hit 10 wins just twice in the 18 years that preceded that.

Notre Dame 17 Boston College 6
2015 Prediction Record: 10-0

Tim O’Malley
Field goals. Lost yardage. Field goals. A big play to Will Fuller. Field goals. A big play defensively. A big play defensively for the other team. A bunch of DeShone Kizer passes out of necessity. And a healthy dose of three-and-outs.

Coupled with a ludicrously fired up Boston College squad, the above is what I think will ultimately define Notre Dame’s 2015 Shamrock Series contest, one that will end as have each of the previous six – with an Irish victory. It’ll be enough to keep Notre Dame at No. 4 in the playoff race and with a matchup at Stanford on tap for Thanksgiving Saturday, that’s all Irish fans can hope for.

Now get back to scoreboard watching.

Notre Dame 22 Boston College 5
2015 Prediction Record: 8-2

Jack Freeman
It’s a battle between Boston College and Notre Dame for the Frank Leahy Memorial Bowl on Saturday night. Boston College is a tale of two teams. One on defense that is a tough and gritty group that can potentially frustrate the Irish offense. The other is the BC offense which is an inconsistent, young and mistake prone group. The Notre Dame defense should be able to pad it’s statistics with a convincing performance over an under manned Boston College offense. And with BC stacking the box against the run look for a big day from Will Fuller.

Notre Dame 28 Boston College 10
2015 Prediction Record: 8-2

Anna Hickey
Boston College has dropped its last six. Its wins include Maine, Howard and Northern Illinois. No team has hung 40 on them this year. So what? Can we stop with how outstanding this defense is? Analytics and statistics aside, it’s merely an above average group. The Eagles offense is dismal. Brian Kelly will stretch the field horizontally to take some pressure off a banged off offensive line going up against a physical defensive line. Will Fuller will have at least two touchdown passes after being shut out last week. Boston College will be up for this game, but it won’t matter. Notre Dame heads to Stanford at 10-1 with the playoff purely in sight.

Notre Dame 30 Boston College 10
2015 Prediction Record: 9-1

Jake Brown
Not exactly expecting a lot of fireworks in this one. Boston College will no doubt slow the Irish down but its offense also won't be explosive enough to take advantage. So while it won't be pretty, Notre Dame gets another win in its quest to keep a College Football Playoff berth. Just don't be surprised if most of the excitement comes from the scene at Fenway Park rather than the game itself

Notre Dame 17 Boston College 6
2015 Prediction Record: 10-0

Steve Hare
Boston College's top ranked defense should give Notre Dame's offense some fits and keep the Irish from piling it on but the Eagles' offense has struggled to score points and that shouldn't change on Saturday. The Irish defense has given up chunks of yardage at times but the Eagles just don't have the manpower to make a real run at the Irish

Notre Dame 24 Boston College 10
2015 Prediction Record: 9-1 Top Stories