Hello Mr. President

My day is always a better day when I pick up the phone and call a big ol' offensive lineman from Minnesota named Ryan Harris. Harris is always quite the character and keeps you laughing. The phone rings and Harris answers. I give him the presidential greeting. "Good afternoon Mr. President."

I have no idea what kind of career Ryan Harris is going to have at Notre Dame but it sure will be a joy following him. It's well documented (by me mostly) that Ryan Harris wants to be President some day. Harris has thrown his first political hat into the ring. "I've decided I'm going to major in political science. I'm going to minor in journalism, ethics and democracy. This is the first step in my political career. No turning back now. I will probably go to law school after that."

I know some probably think he is kidding but he is dead serious about it. Knowing Harris, it seriously would not surprise me if he were President some day.

In the meantime, Harris has some football to play and that is something he's very focused on right now. "I'm about to go run right now with Trevor Laws. He joined the same gym that I did so we can run together. I'm lifting in the morning and running at night. I should be 280 when I report so I'm working hard."

Harris will also make his television debut on August 7th in an appearance of "True Life"--a reality series on MTV. Harris was contacted by MTV because he was the lightest (listed as 255) offensive linemen to sign a Division I scholarship and they wanted to follow him to see how he prepares for college football. "I don't know what time they are running it but it will be on. I think I'm going to watch it by myself. It will be interesting to see how it comes out. I'm not nervous about it because I didn't do anything to embarrass myself." No Presidential candidate would.

The St. Paul native also made a trip down to Notre Dame this summer. "I went down there for a week. I had to take my spanish test and I accidently ended up training with the team. I'm not sure how that happened," said Harris in his best sarcastic tone. He's getting this down good.

Harris was surprised to see many of his fellow classmates at Notre Dame working out with the team. "There were about nine of us down there. I'm not sure if they came down to take the test too or not. They accidently ended up working out with the team too. It was great seeing all of them and getting to hang out with them. It helps knowing some of the guys before you go in."

Harris says he doesn't know what to expect when he gets there. He's just excited to be going. "I'm very excited to go. I think I've made the best decision of my life. I don't know if I will play this year but if I do, it will because I've worked very hard. If you work hard in life good things happen and if I play at all it will be because I've worked hard to get there."

Mr. President is about 18 years away from being eligible for his ultimate goal. In the meantime, Harris will likely play a lot of football between now and then and might be busy on Sundays soon. When Harris throws his hat in the ring for the ultimate goal, my vote will be with him.

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