Sullivan Can't Wait to Get Started

Offensive lineman John Sullivan doesn't have much use for Greenwich, CT anymore. The 6-4, 280-pound lineman spent the entire summer in South Bend getting ready for the season. Sullivan spoke to Irish Eyes about his experience and the bond forming between his 2003 classmates.

John Sullivan has had a busy summer. Sullivan left Greenwich, CT on June 15th and has been at Notre Dame until just recently. "I don't miss home at all," said Sullivan. "Notre Dame is where I need to be and a better place for me. I will miss my friends and family but I have nothing left for me to do here. I can accomplish some things at Notre Dame."

Sullivan has spent a lot of time at Notre Dame recently and I asked him how he thought he stacked up with the other offensive linemen at Notre Dame. "I don't think I've got that far to go really. Strenght-wise I think I'm close. I was struggling with the running when I first got there. I wasn't doing so well but as the summer went along I started making it to the front of the pack every time."

Probably the biggest step up that freshman takes is usually the step up for offensive linemen--Sullivan agrees. "It's a big step up. I learned a lot of pass blocking techniques and I need to work on my footwork. In high school, you are just a big kid beating up smaller kids."

Sullivan said that he was the first freshman to show up at Notre Dame. "I was the first freshman there. It was great and well worth it. I showed up and I was the third smallest linemen there. You learn a lot about yourself while you are there. The strength coaches really push you and they command your respect. You just need to understand that they are really trying to help you."

This freshman group has really formed a solid bond by trying to come together as a class. Trevor Laws spent some time with Sullivan at his house before Sullivan went to Notre Dame. "Yeah, Trevor was here. He's a great guy and we had a lot of fun. We did have a little scuffle in my kitchen and I threw him around a bit. I'm sure more battles will come. He's a little more advanced than I am and has been wrestling longer."

Sullivan also spent a lot of time with the other players while at Notre Dame. "There were 12 of us there at one time. When you are the first guy there, you just kind of do your thing and try to learn. I didn't know anyone well so it was great when they all showed up. We all worked out together. We went out together and ate. I had a great time hanging out with all of them and we all get along very well.

Now that he has seen the competition, does Sullivan think he can hold his own against Notre Dame's defensive linemen? "I'm sure I will get my butt kicked quite a few times by Darrell (Campbell) and Ced (Cedric Hilliard). I would be concerned if I didn't. I just need to learn my techniques and work on my footwork. I have a long way to go there but I learn things really quickly. I can't wait to get started.

Sullivan is obviously very committed to being a great player at Notre Dame. I've never spoken to him when he has been this animated. Best of luck to John and I hope he becomes that dominating force many expect him to be. Top Stories