Irish go in-home with Jamir Jones

Notre Dame defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder dropped in on Irish commitment Jamir Jones on Thursday. Jones enjoyed the meeting and is looking forward to getting to South Bend this summer.

Notre Dame’s in-home visit with linebacker commitment Jamir Jones had an Irish flavor to it.

Defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder visited Jones at school on Thursday, then joined his family for dinner at a local Irish pub and restaurant.

“Coach VanGorder came through for a little bit,” said Jones, a 6-foot-4, 225-pounder from Rochester, N.Y. “He came to my school after school and watched my (basketball) practice and then we headed over to a big Notre Dame bar, Shamrock Jack’s. We took coach VanGorder there and had a good dinner.”

After dinner, VanGorder accompanied Jones to a workout with an organization Jones has been part of for the past couple of years, Changing The Community.

“It’s a group that a bunch of us work out together and try to get more exposure because in New York a lot of the coaches don’t know too much about us,” Jones said.

The time spent with VanGorder was both educational and served to motivate Jones even more to prepare for his arrival in South Bend and for a possible position change.

“It went very well,” Jones said. “He kept it real down to earth with me and told me what he thought of me. He said he couldn’t really corner anything down for me because I’m still growing and I’m only 17 years old. He said I could grow into a D-end or stay as a linebacker. He made me really excited. I can’t wait to go there in June.”

Notre Dame recruited Jones to play outside linebacker but a growth spurt could lead to a move up front, possibly slotting him next to his older brother Jarron Jones at nose guard.

That’s a situation Jones would embrace.

“It makes me thankful that if one doesn’t work out I could possibly be better at the next one,” he said. “It just adds to my repertoire. The more versatile you are the better it is.”

With National Signing Day just around the corner Jones has communicated with Notre Dame’s recruiting office to ensure he has all the information he needs to sign and send his National Letter of Intent.

“It sounds like I’m going to have a letter mailed to me that I can use at the school and that I can keep but the real letter is going to be sent to me electronically through email,” he said. “I’ll sign that and return it.”

Jones will sign the official letter early on Wednesday then join his teammates for a school signing ceremony at 2 p.m. Later in the day he’ll join his CTC peers for another signing ceremony.

In talking with his future teammates, Jones knows he isn’t the only one excited about his future in South Bend.

“We have a big group message and stay in touch,” he said. “They’re all pretty excited and jacked up for it. We all can’t wait to get out there.”

Jones expects Irish head coach Brian Kelly to make an in-home visit on Friday.

Jones plans to attend the Blue-Gold Game on April 16. Top Stories