Irish Hanging on by a Thread with Jones

Running back Charlie Jones is easily one of the most impressive running backs I've seen this year. The Homestead, FL native has long been rumored to be favoring Miami but the Irish have been mentioned as one of his top four schools. Will the Irish have any chance of signing Jones?

Charlie Jones is a special talent and everyone can see that. I could go on and on about his talent and what a great kid he is but we all want to know if the Irish have a chance. Instead of boring you with the usual, I will get right to the point. Charlie has said that Miami is his leader and Ohio State, Florida and Notre Dame are the other schools he likes. "I would say that is correct," said Jones. "Miami is still my leader but I like the other schools as well."

Charlie says he has an interest in Notre Dame. "My athletic director has told me that I should look at them. He said that getting a degree from Notre Dame can set me up for life and that an education from Notre Dame will get me a job anywhere in the country so I'm interested in finding out more about Notre Dame."

Will Jones take some visits? "I've been wanting to go on some visits for a while. I want to take some visits and see other schools. I might take some during my season."

Jones has been leaning to Miami for a while. I asked Jones if this were a situation where he would like to take his visits to see the other schools, is watching what happens at Miami and might commit to Miami if he feels that he might lose his scholarship offer because someone else wants to commit? "That's pretty much the situation," said Jones.

Comments. Miami is clearly the team to beat and has been. Unless he takes some official visits, expect him to sign with Miami. He's a great kid and would fit in well at Notre Dame but I'm not sure the Irish will get a visit at this point. Top Stories