Morelli Down to Two

Irish Eyes caught up with five star quarterback Anthony Morelli fresh off his Elite 11 experience. The Pittsburgh native enjoyed the experience and has narrowed his list to two. When will he decide and will he be visiting Notre Dame soon?

Anthony Morelli really enjoyed the Elite 11 camp. "I had a lot of fun out there. I just liked hanging out with all the guys. There were some really good quarterbacks there and I think I learned a lot."

Morelli said he left the camp knowing he had to improve on some little things. "They told me that I just had to improve on the little things. We had a class room and I need to improve on reading defenses. I've done it a little bit in the offense I run but not as much for the type of offense I will be involved with for college. It will be just a matter of getting the offense down."

The question remains, which offense--Pitt or Notre Dame? "I'm down to Pitt or Notre Dame. I have no leader at this point. I don't have a date I want to announce by. I'm just going to visit Notre Dame and then announce when I feel I'm ready."

Morelli could be visiting Notre Dame soon. "My Dad and my Uncle are talking about visiting Notre Dame at the end of the month. I'm not positive we will do it then but that is what they've been talking about. My Dad has been back at work after missing a lot with the Elite 11 camp so we have to find a time where he can take the time to visit."

Morelli's Grandma has been in the news with her illness and some speculate that the only reason Morelli is visiting Notre Dame is because she wants him to. "She's fine, she's out now and recovered so I'm happy about that. She's not the only reason I'm visiting Notre Dame though. It's definitely close. It will be either Notre Dame of Pittsburgh."

Morelli spoke about each school and what he likes about both. "Notre Dame is in the national spotlight. They are on TV every game. If you start for Notre Dame, everyone knows who you are. I talked to the Stanford quarterback (Chris Lewis) about Coach Willingham and he said he was an awesome guy and a great coach. He said he still talks to him all the time even though he isn't his coach anymore. That meant something to me. I'm just going to visit there and talk to them about it and then come up with a decision."

Pittsburgh also has a lot of positives. "It's close to home and Coach Harris is a good quarterback coach. I think I fit in their system and they throw the ball around."

Anthony and his Dad are very close and staying close to home might could be a good option for him. I asked if that would factor into his decision. "It could but I've talked to my Dad about it. He said he just wants me to be happy. He told me not to worry about that. If I chose Notre Dame he said he would get up there to see me play and told me not to let that be a factor in my decision."

Comments. I think this decision is going be a hard one for Morelli when it's all said and done. Both schools have a lot of positives and I expect the decision to be difficult for him. I do like the fact that he hasn't spoken to Notre Dame yet and they remain right in the race. Who leads at this point is irrelevent. Until he speaks to the Notre Dame coaches, we really won't have a good idea of where he might end up. I think the Irish are sitting right where they want to be before he visits Notre Dame. He says he is positive he will visit so we'll have to wait to get his reaction after the visit. Top Stories