Three in the Race for Vernaglia

Anthony Vernaglia was down to two schools but a third has entered the race and become a contendor. The Orange County, CA prospect hopes to make a decision soon but has some more research to do before deciding. When can we expect a decision from Vernaglia? </P>

Anthony Vernaglia has a time-frame in mind but can't decide on which school is his top school at this point. "It's coming along pretty good. I've been working on it. I want to make my decision by September 13th which is our first game. I'm down to Notre Dame, Penn State and Virginia right now."

Penn State has recently come back into the picture for Vernaglia. "They've always been in my head. I have a lot of family out there and I spoke to a coach from there and we talked about the free safety position. It just sounds like a position I would like to play."

Vernaglia says he has been trying to reach the coaches at all his favorite schools. "I've been trying to reach them all. I've tried to call Coach Golden and Virginia but haven't been able to get him on the phone. I keep missing Coach Baer at Notre Dame too. I did talk to Coach Mattison and we had a nice conversation but I want to speak to Coach Baer who is recruiting me."

I asked Vernaglia what he was hoping to learn when he makes these calls. "I'm not really trying to figure out anything. I just want to see how they are when they don't expect a call from me. I just want to know where I fit in best and where I feel I can be the most happy."

Vernaglia says his position won't factor much in his decision. "It really won't matter. I love defense. I haven't played it as much as offense but I love playing defense. Offense is where I feel most confortable because I've played it the most but I really enjoy playing defense."

A decision could be difficult for Vernaglia and he agrees he isn't ready to make his decision. "I don't know when I will make it. It will all boil down to where I feel I fit in best. I just want to be happy with my decision because I won't be as good of a player as I can be if I'm not happy with my decision."

Vernaglia might announce at a press conference when he does decide. "People have been mentioning that to me lately. I had never thought about doing that but my Coach thinks it might be a good idea. I don't know if I will or not."

Comments. I don't think Anthony is close to making his decision. I bet he makes quite a few calls before he decides. I think he is torn right now and these conversations will probably be the deciding factor. Feeling comfortable with the coaches will probably be the deciding factor and I'm sure each school will go over the positives of their school and do their best selling job. It would not surprise me if he chose any of the three at this point. Top Stories