Look inside Camp Kelly

Notre Dame offered a sneak peak into Camp Kelly, the program’s regular winter conditioning program when the coaching staff pits the roster after the elements. What did we learn?

Max Redfield has a point to prove in his final season at Notre Dame.

The senior safety flashed a few seconds of how he plans to get that done on Thursday morning in a video produced by Fighting Irish Media, the school’s in-house production company within the athletic department. The two-minute video offered a quick look inside Camp Kelly, the regular winter workout that Brian Kelly puts outdoors with the elements in play.

That meant a snowstorm to go with tug of war, obstacle courses and tackling dummies. And it meant Redfield, the transplant from outside Los Angeles coming off a difficult junior year, adding a new edge to his game.

While most of the players worked out in sweatshirts and sweatpants while the coaching staff watched in even more appropriate gear for the conditions, Redfield opted for a t-shirt and track pants. He skipped the hat too.

“It’s all here,” Redfield told teammates while pointing to his head.

That’s what Kelly wants to hear from his roster with spring practice less than two weeks away. And while the next stage of off-season drills is imminent, Notre Dame’s head coach didn’t duck looking ahead to September either.

“We got Texas,” Kelly said, “You don’t think they remember what happened to them? Every day it’s in their face.”

With Notre Dame’s roster set for a massive turnover after last season with at least 14 starters in need of replacements, the video offered a reminder of the new faces necessary for a serious College Football Playoff run.

Players in the mold of Sam Mustipher, Asmar Bilal, Josh Barajas, Nic Weishar, Miles Boykin, Nick Watkins, Hunter Bivin and Jonathan Bonner were bit players at best last season. They all appeared in the video and all could push for serious playing time this season, if not starting jobs.

The clips also showed an agile Malik Zaire and his quarterback competition in DeShone Kizer. Tarean Folston also appeared in the clip.

“Everybody in here knows what they did today,” Kelly said. “You know the level you need to be at to be a great football team. If you’re a guy out here preparing and working your craft and getting others better, we will win.”

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