Incarnato Close to Decision

Offensive linemen Chauncey Incarnato is getting closer to making his decision. He has a plan and should be deciding in the near future. Will he sign with the Irish?

Chauncey Incarnato has a plan. "I'm going to go to Pitt this weekend with my family," said Incarnato. "I'm then going to Notre Dame the following weekend with my family. I'm still confisdering West Virginia, Maryland and Syracuse but Notre Dame and Pitt are my leaders right now."

Incarnato says he is hoping these visits will make things clear for him. "I'm just hoping to find that extra bit that tips the scale one way or another. I'm going to talk to Coach Harris at Pitt and then Coach Denbrock and Coach Willingham at Notre Dame and hopefully it will become clear to me. Right now it's neck and neck between the two and hopefully this visit will help me decide."

The deciding factor will likely be a gut feeling according to Incarnato. "It will be a gut feeling. Wherever it just feels right. The coaches I feel most comfortable and the place that I want to wake up every day."

Incarnato is close to his family and some speculate that with Pitt being closer he might choose Pitt. I asked Incarnato to comment on this. "To a point, that might factor into my decision. I'm real close with my family but I've got to go where I have to go. If Notre Dame is the place for me, I'm going to go."

Comments. It's all coming down to these two final visits. I like the fact that Notre Dame has the last visit. I do think this race is very close but I also think he likes Notre Dame quite a bit. Willingham is usually very effective in these types of meetings so hopefully he can seal the deal. Top Stories