Decision Time for Connor

Wallingford, PA linebacker prospect Dan Connor will be announcing very soon and that decision could come today. Irish Eyes spoke to Connor yesterday about his plan to make a decision. Will the Irish sign Connor?

Dan Connor says he is close to making a decision. "I will make my decision by August 10th. I'm just going to call up whatever coach and tell them and I will probably call a couple of local papers. I won't be having a press conference."

Connor says it's basically down to Notre Dame and Penn State. "It's down to Notre Dame and Penn State. Michigan kind of came in late but it's really down to these two. I've been keeping in touch all summer with the coaches of each school so I think I know everything I need to know."

Speculation in Pennslyvania is that he is going to Penn State. I asked Dan about the rumors. "Oh yeah, I hear that a lot. I think it's because I've been to Penn State a few times and I'm an in-state kid and it's only three hours away but I haven't made up my mind yet where I want to go. It's still dead-locked between both schools and hopefully it will become clear to me by Sunday."

Connor says he will likely sit down with his parents and discuss both schools before making his final decision. "We will just weigh the pros and cons of each school. We'll talk about which are the most important and then I will make a decision. They just want whats best for me. They don't have a preference."

Comments. It's been reported by another news source that Connor will announce today. It sounds like I was the last guy to speak to him before he made his decision. Usually I have a good read on this. I have no clue and that is the truth. Dan seemed very torn between both schools and I thought this would take longer. I can only assume he talked to his parents or a coach from one of the schools and then decided to commit. I guess we will know soon enough. Top Stories