Offer on the way for Brown?

Every year I find a couple of guys that I really enjoy talking to. Defensive line prospect David Brown is one of those guys that is always happy to speak to anyone. The 6-3, 265-pound defensive end/tackle has a host of impressive offers and the Irish appear to be close to offering as well. Will an offer from Notre Dame put the Irish in the drivers seat?

Madison, AL native David Brown has had a very busy summer. "I've been busy," said Brown when asked about his summer. "I went to Notre Dame, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Auburn and Alabama this summer. It really helped me compare different colleges and made me think about what was important to me."

Brown attended Notre Dame camp this summer and was very impressed with Notre Dame but didn't receive an offer--that could be changing. "This past Friday, I got an e-mail from Coach Mattison and he said to be looking for an official offer in the mail. He said it would've come sooner but Coach Willingham was on vacation. He said to be looking for it this week. I was a big surprise but a good one."

Brown had said earlier that he would make an early decision but that might also change. "I've spoken to quite a few people lately and they think I should wait a bit longer and maybe I can get some more exposure for some of my teammates. My Mom wanted me to decide early but I think even she wants me to prolong it a little bit. She just didn't want me to lose my focus on school and my senior season."

Many of the top programs have offered Brown already and his visits have made the decision harder. Georgia Tech, Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Louisville, Clemson, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State are some of the top teams to offer Brown and he says it will be difficult to narrow the list down. "Right now my top three are Notre Dame, Georgia and Alabama. I will add two more to that list and create a top five. I will probably take some official visits and see what happens after that."

The decision will be hard for Brown and he is overwhelmed by the attention he has received thus far. "I never thought this would happen. I thought I would jump on the first scholarship that came because I thought that would be the only one I would get. I never imagined I would get all these offers. It's by far the hardest decision I've had to make already."

If the Irish do offer, they might be tough to beat. "I think the only con about Notre Dame is that it might be a little far for my family to come see me play. I don't think that will matter and that is the only con I can find about Notre Dame."

Comments. It's no secret that Brown wants the Irish to offer. He was very impressed with Notre Dame and Coach Willingham. One would think this decision would be easy but Brown is a very intelligent guy. He will likely take his time and gather all the information he needs before deciding. I do think the Irish will be high on his list if they offer but February is a long way off and anything can happen between now and then. Top Stories