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Tyler Beach arrives early for Junior Day

Tyler Beach wonders if heading to Notre Dame early for Junior Day could net a scholarship offer. He’s going to find out. Adding the Irish would continue a strong run of new offers for the offensive lineman.

Tyler Beach hopes starting his Notre Dame visit early can earn him an offer.

Come Saturday the offensive tackle from Port Washington, Wis., will take part in Junior Day with about 30 other prospects. But the Irish coaching staff requested he show up a day early, so Beach will hit campus today.

Beach isn’t sure if getting a more personalized look will end with a scholarship. But he’s optimistic about the possibilities.

“I’ve heard Notre Dame is one of the most prestigious schools,” Beach said. “Academically and athletically, they have both. My parents were telling me to get down there because of what they know. I personally don’t know much, which is why I’m going down with them. They have a lot of interest in me.”

Beach has been talking with offensive line coach Harry Hiestand on a regular basis in working up Irish interest. Hiestand has already left a positive impression while talking with Beach about what Notre Dame will show during the visit.

“I talk to the offensive line coach,” Beach said. “He calls my coach and I talk to him. He’s a great coach, family guy. Sometimes he’s like, ‘I can’t talk right now. I’m at my daughter’s volleyball tournament.’ That’s perfectly OK. He’s a great guy. He’s awesome. He just wants to get me down and for me to see the other side of football because I’m not just playing football when I go to college.”

Adding Notre Dame to the list would continue a strong run on new offers dating back to the season.

Northern Illinois started things with the first offer. Arkansas, Bowling Green, Buffalo, Eastern Michigan, Illinois, Iowa State, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon State, Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Western Michigan and Wisconsin have since followed.

Arizona and Northwestern are showing increased interest.

“During the season it started,” Beach said. “I feel like the big blow up was during the season. I got my first offer from NIU and then just a bunch of other colleges messaged me. Mostly schools that are recruiting me now, I was getting mail but never heard anything. It was just the fliers, they’re sending you 20 fliers a day.”

Beach counts Michigan and Wisconsin as the programs recruiting him hardest. He recently visited the Wolverines. For now, the plan is to be off the market by the end of spring.

“My plan is to get the visits I want to try to get in,” Beach said. “There’s some schools I would love to visit like Arizona and Arkansas, the schools that are way far away. Oregon State, schools like that. I’d love to try and get down there but I don’t know if I’d be able to with plane tickets, traveling and missing school. I don’t know if I’ll make it to those. I’m trying to make all the visits I can and then my plan is to commit later in spring, like May-ish. I just wanna go to one school’s camp in the summer and focus on my high school year.” Top Stories