Irish offer offensive lineman Tyler Beach

Tyler Beach thought Notre Dame was on the verge of offering a scholarship when he arrived early for Junior Day. Brian Kelly did just that, entering the mix as the offensive tackle prospect eyes a spring decision.

Tyler Beach felt Notre Dame could be close to offering a scholarship before arriving on campus.

Offensive line coach Harry Hiestand urged the offensive tackle from Port Washington, Wis., to make the trip a day early. Beach suspected that might mean an offer was in the works. Turns out, Beach read the situation perfectly.

Head coach Brian Kelly offered Beach on Saturday, capping the visit experience.

“It was amazing,” Beach said. “Notre Dame being the most prestigious school in the Midwest and one of the most prestigious in the nation with a ridiculous alumni base all over the world, giving me that opportunity I just think is amazing.”

Notre Dame showed Beach plenty before formalizing the offer.

Hiestand let the 6-foot-6, 270-pound prospect sit in on position meetings. During Junior Day itself, there were academic presentations and a player panel. Beach also saw campus and the football facilities from a more in-depth perspective.

“(Friday) was mostly one-on-one time,” Beach said. “Being able to sit in meetings. They didn’t practice (Friday) but I sat in meetings and was able to hang out with players some of the day. It was fun. Then seeing all the academic stuff.”

Practice took center stage Saturday for Beach and the nearly 30 prospects on campus. Beach watched from the sidelines as Hiestand put his current players through their drills.

“Coach Hiestand does an amazing job,” Beach said. “He’s not an enabler, which is great. He’s not giving everything to the players. He’s letting them work for it. He’ll tell them if they’re doing something wrong. He’ll tell me, ‘I’m not out here to hold your hand. I’m here to teach you to become a man.’ I think that’s really important.”

Hiestand will do his best over the next several weeks to add Beach into that group.

Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa State, Michigan, Oregon State, Syracuse, Vanderbilt and Wisconsin are among the other scholarship offers available. Beach has taken recent visits to both Michigan and Wisconsin.

Beach hopes to see other programs without doubling back on those he’s already seen before making a spring decision.

“I just want to make sure I can get as many visits as I can,” Beach said. “Notre Dame and a few other schools have said, not that it’s first come first serve, but the guys that they offer, if they commit, we’re not gonna be unfair about it. They’re being realistic, which I love. Notre Dame is giving me the honest truth, which is if a few guys commit before you the window is gonna close.” Top Stories