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Grant Calcaterra knows where he stands with Irish

Three-star receiver Grant Calcaterra spent his spring break on the road, which included a Wednesday stop at Notre Dame. Now he knows where he stands with the Irish.

Three-star receiver Grant Calcaterra and his family haven’t had much down time during his spring break.

The 6-foot-4, 200-pounder from Margarita, Calif., has traveled more than 3,000 miles since Monday with stops at Oklahoma, Vanderbilt, Michigan, Northwestern, Notre Dame and Indiana. On Friday he’ll be at Kentucky.

“It’s been pretty busy,” he said. “We’re all tired but it’s been good.”

Calcaterra was at Notre Dame on Wednesday.

“We started out watching practice so that was good then we got a chance to tour the facilities, which was nice,” he said. “We had a meeting with academic advisors and all that and near the end of the day we got to meet with coach (Mike) Sanford, coach (Mike) Denbrock and then coach (Brian) Kelly at the very end. It was all good.”

During his discussions with the Irish coaching staff he learned where he stands with the program.

“They see me at the W position, which is more of a bigger receiver,” he said. “The situation with them is that they have four or five right now and they don't really want to offer me right now, is what they told me. They said if it comes down to it, if they just want to get the best athlete or if some of their smaller, shiftier guys aren't working out then that's when they would offer me. It's not off the table. It's still positive but they just have a lot of players at my position right now is what I got out of it.”

Calcaterra appreciated the coaching staff’s honesty.

“It was nice,” he said.

The other schools he visited also made a positive impression.

“I like all of them a lot,” he said. “There's a lot to remember though. Indiana was nice. Northwestern was good. They're looking at me at the super back position there. Every school is a little different. It's all good though.”

Calcaterra plans to complete the long road trip then discuss all of his options with his family before identifying a handful of favorites and setting a commitment date.

“I'm going to talk to my family and probably set a date to commit and then I'll already have it narrowed down and probably come out with a top five and all that before I make a decision,” he said. “It's still pretty open. There might be a couple schools I want to look at before I narrow it all down but it's open right now.”

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