Notre Dame will track four-star big Zach Kent this spring

Zach Kent isn’t out to accumulate more scholarship offers this spring, even if it might happen. Notre Dame is already in the mix with the four-star forward and will be watching closely the next two weeks.

Spring basketball means change for Zach Kent as the travel season begins.

Kent, a four-star power forward from St. Andrew’s School in Middletown, Del., will again play with We R 1 on the Under Armour circuit. Suiting up for St. Andrew’s often means facilitating for open teammates as he draws more defenders.

This weekend during the first Under Armour session Kent will get more one-on-one matchups. That brings new challenges and opportunity to show a growing skill set.

“It's a completely different situation at the high school compared to with We R 1,” Kent said. “Here it’s about me having the experience of having to do a lot. First time I’ve had to deal with triple teams and double teams, stuff like that. Learning to play through that. Running and jumping, getting more athletic and your body better, that just happens with age.

“Getting my shooting mechanics from deep more consistent, that’s been a part of my game I’ve worked on a lot.”

Several college programs will be getting a closer look at Kent over the next couple weeks.

We R 1 begins the Under Armour circuit in New York City and college coaches will be allowed to attend. It follows with a trip to Indianapolis for the second and final live session of the spring.

Scholarship offers are already in from Maryland, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Oregon, Providence and South Carolina. Temple and St. Joseph’s are also in the mix.

Irish assistant Martin Ingelsby has been in consistent contact.

“I talk to them every once in awhile with coach Ingelsby,” said Kent, who scored an offer during an unofficial visit to campus last fall. “When the season starts guys don’t talk to you as much as they do in the offseason. But it’s definitely there.”

Kent has also visited the St. Joseph’s campus. He’s attended games at Maryland and Temple.

Right now there are no set plans for other trips, although Kent expects his recruitment to move into official visits and a potential commitment during the fall. There’s also the possibility of landing more offers after the spring or summer evaluation periods.

Kent plans to keep the process moving while considering all the options available as coaches evaluate him during the next couple months.

“When it gets down to the schools, I wanna get out and make some officials,” Kent said. “Try to make my decision around next fall. Get a feel for the players that I’m gonna be playing with and the coaching staff, just making friends and learning about everything. Learn about the scheme, what they’re gonna try to do with me. Different guys coming in, status of the point guard at the school is very important to me. Stuff like that.”

Heading into those future trips, Kent already has an idea of what the right program will have to score his commitment.

“I wanna play past college as most people do,” Kent said. “I think I have that attitude and skill set to do it. I think I have the work ethic that I’ve shown in the last few years with my growth to do it. I wanna go to a place where I’m gonna be on all different parts of the floor so I can show all the stuff I can do. I don’t wanna be limited to a certain area of the court or a certain spot. That’s important with the offensive system and state of the point guard. Minutes available is very important to me and coaching staff.” Top Stories