Chicagoland receiver in for Irish Invasion

Micah Jones has used spring camps as a training ground for working out in front of college coaches next month. Notre Dame will get the rising junior receiver from Gurnee, Ill., back on campus for the Irish Invasion and might offer.

Micah Jones took to the spring camp circuit hoping to show improvements.

College coaches have already been drawn to the rising junior wide receiver from Gurnee, Ill., with eight scholarship offers on board. But Jones wanted to use events like last weekend’s The Opening Regional outside Chicago as a test for the college camps to come next month.

“Route running I feel like I’ve gotten a lot better at,” Jones said. “Footwork I’ve gotten a lot better at. Hands I’ve really improved at and attacking the ball I’ve improved at. All those areas have gotten better. There’s still some things that I can get better at. But I feel like they’ve gotten polished up a little bit and will be getting better here in the future.”

Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Illinois, Iowa, Central Michigan, Syracuse, Penn State, Arkansas, LSU and Kentucky are just some of the programs to make their way to Warren Township High School this spring.

Notre Dame dispatched wide receivers coach Mike Denbrock to check on Jones this week. The Irish have been in steady touch since hosting Jones in March for a spring practice.

“They’ve been sending me a lot of stuff recently,” Jones said. “They had the wide receiver coach come down and talk to my coach a lot about me. They’ve been keeping up with me.”

Jones plans to make another trip to Notre Dame for the Irish Invasion in June. Other camp visits in the works include Illinois, Northwestern, Michigan State, Kentucky and potentially Alabama later in the summer.

Strong showings at any or all of them could net scholarship offers. Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Iowa, Iowa State, Northwestern, Syracuse and Vanderbilt have already offered.

Denbrock indicated to Jones’ coach that the Irish could make their move at Irish Invasion.

“They see that if I come down there and I have a good showing they’ll probably offer me at the camp,” Jones said. “If not at the camp probably later in the season. But probably at the camp if I show well.”

No matter the setting, Jones wants to put on display how things have improved since his sophomore season ended.

“I want to show them how I can take the top off a defense,” Jones said. “Even though I’m not the fastest kid, I have long legs and can take the top off a defense. Also, my length in going up and getting the ball. That’s really what I want to show them.”

After summer Jones plans to assess his new offers and consider the possibility of making a commitment. There’s also a chance Jones holds off and plays things out into his junior season and perhaps beyond.

Either way, he’ll be taking a close look at every suitor over the next couple months.

“Right now I think my decision, I don’t know if it’s changing,” Jones said. “I feel like it would be at the end of the summer but I do have some doubts. I want to talk to some of my mentors and stuff. You don’t have to commit right away. Just committing right away isn’t going to make it all go away.

“I might do it at the end of summer but I do have some doubts, so I might do it later in the year, maybe at the end of the season or maybe coming into my senior year. We’ll see how that goes.” Top Stories