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Top tight end bonding with Notre Dame

Sophomore tight end Zack Kuntz remains one of Notre Dame’s top prospects in the Class of 2018. Irish assistant Scott Booker visited Kuntz last week and a return trip to South Bend could be in the works.

Notre Dame targeted tight end Zack Kuntz as one of its top prospects in the Class of 2018 and the Irish remain in close contact with the 6-foot-7, 210-pounder.

Kuntz landed an offer from Notre Dame in April and Irish assistant Scott Booker visited Camp Hill High School in central Pennsylvania last weekend to check on the coveted prospect.

“It definitely is important to me that he's showing interest towards me and keeping that connection with him,” Kuntz said. “I stay in touch with him weekly.”

Kuntz attended the Blue-Gold Game last month and a return trip to South Bend could be in the works. The Irish offered Kuntz during that spring game stop.

“They'd like me to possibly come out for a camp in June,” he said. “A lot of schools are saying that even if they already have offered me just so I can get a feel for the coaches and their coaching style and what their program is like and how it's run. Other than that, he hasn't said too much. They would like me to come out and visit again just to be around the campus, the players and the coaches.”

Other offers on the table for Kuntz include Duke, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech and West Virginia.

Notre Dame landed a commitment from 2018 quarterback Phil Jurkovec last week and Kuntz already has touched base with the Western Pennsylvania standout. That’s a connection the Irish could benefit from down the road.

“I haven't spoken to him too much but I did speak to him through a DM on Twitter,” Kuntz said. “I just messaged him and said what's up and to see what he's thinking about and trying to start that relationship.”

Kuntz hopes to get out to see several schools this summer.

“I haven't been traveling too much lately,” he said. “This summer is definitely a time where I would be able to do that. Nothing is set in stone yet.”

He hopes those visits help him identify a shortlist of favorites.

“I have a lot of time before I have to make that final decision,” he said. “I'm just feeling it out, seeing which schools are showing interest toward me and how badly they want me to go to their school. I'm just seeing the things I like and don't like about each school. It's definitely helpful having these options as young as I am.”

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