Pinkard Hope to Hear from Irish

<P>A hot name in recruiting right now is Oxnard, California's Josh Pinkard. The 6-2, 200-pound defensive back/wide receiver is starting to make a name for himself and coaches are starting to take notice. Pinkard is rising star on the west coast and he's one player to keep and eye on. </P>

Josh Pinkard was realitively unknown before the May evaluation period but his name is quickly circulating amongst college coaches. "Washington State was the first to offer me," said Pinkard. "That felt great. I didn't know if anyone would offer me but it was a great feeling to get my first one."

Pinkard went to a combine at USC and turned some heads there this summer. "My best 40 time is 4.30. I ran it at the USC combine."

Pinkard plays both strong safety and wide receiver in high school. "I think I'll probably be a defensive back in college. That is what most people are saying."

USC and Michigan have also offered Pinkard and Utah and Oregon are also recruiting him heavily.

So far, the Irish haven't started recruiting Pinkard but that could change soon. Will he be interested in Notre Dame if the Irish start recruiting him? "Oh yes, I would be interested," said Pinkard of Notre Dame. "They have a new coach and I watched them last year. They have a pretty good team. I also talked to Freddie Parish at a Long Beach Poly passing camp. He talked to me about Notre Dame and said it's pretty nice up there. He said they have a great coach there. He told me I should check it out. Hopefully they'll start recruiting me."

Pinkard is also set academically. He currently has a 3.1 g.p.a. and scored a 920 on his S.A.T.

Pinkard says he won't be deciding any time soon. "I'm going to take all my visits before deciding. I just want to be sure before I make my decision. I'll mainly be looking for playing time and where I can start. I'm going to major in computer science so that will be important as well. Distance is not a problem at all for me."

Comments. I've heard that Pinkard is a legit 6-2 and 200 pounds. I've also heard his speed is legit as well. A friend tipped me on Pinkard and says this player is fantastic. Hopefully the Irish will get in the race. He is a guy that would fit in very well at Notre Dame and I expect quite a few schools to offer when all is said and done. Top Stories