PA RB has his eyes wide open

Many experts have stated that 2003 is a great year for Prep Runningbacks. There are plenty of talented backs from coast to coast and Notre Dame is in on many of them. Anthony Heygood is one them.

Anthony Heygood, the 6'1 210lb (4.49) RB from Cardinal O'Hara HS in Springfield PA remains very interested in Notre Dame. He's already been to South Bend twice this year (Junior Day, and a four day camp), and would like to go again. That is, if the Irish offer.

"I had a really good time at the camp" Heygood said. "I talked to Coach Preston alot. I think I played great. The problem is I didn't test so good" he continued. "Notre Dame still sends me letters. In fact, I got a postcard from Notre Dame last week. They still haven't offered me yet. Hopefully they will."

Heygood isn't without offers. "Syracuse, Boston College, Wisconsin, Purdue, and West Virginia have all offered me scholarships. Iowa has been recruiting me hard lately too. My top three are Boston College, Wisconsin, and Notre Dame.

Heygood is another athlete that takes his school work very serious. He has a 3.8 GPA, and already has his qualifying score on the SAT. "I didn't do too well on my SAT's" Heygood said. "I only got a 980. I know I could've done a lot better."

Education will play a part in Heygood's decision. "There are a lot of things I'll be looking at when choosing a school. I want to go to a school with a good education. I'll also be watching a lot of games this year to see which teams have rushing attacks that I think I can fit into." Heygood also mentioned the Big East situation. "I've been really watching how the Big East situation is playing out. Losing Miami and Virginia Tech is huge. I want to play against the best teams in the country, and losing Miami and Virginia Tech is a huge loss for the Big East."

Heygood finished his junior season last year with 900 yards rushing, and 12 touchdowns before he tore his MCL. "That was really rough. I'm good now though. I worked really hard in the offseason, and I'm 100% now. I'm ready to go!"

Comments: If Cardinal O'Hara sounds familiar to you, it's because it's the school that Virginia Tech tailback Kevin Jones attended. The first thing Heygood asked me was "where are you from?" When I told him I was from Philadelphia he said "I knew it. I can spot a Philly accent a mile away." For those of you who do not know, Springfield is a suburb of Philadelphia. Don't expect Heygood to decide anytime soon. He really likes the Irish, and I think he's going to wait to see if Notre Dame offers. It appears Notre Dame has a few other backs rated higher though. If Notre Dame offers, they have an excellent chance of getting him. He's been to campus twice, and has ND in his top three even though they haven't offered yet. We'll just have to wait and see if Heygood get's the offer he wants. Top Stories