Quinn Weathering the Storm

Freshmen quarterback Brady Quinn worked out at Notre Dame all summer to try to give himself a head start into his career at Notre Dame. The 6-4, 210-pound Dublin, Ohio native has had his first experiences playing quarterback at Notre Dame and working under offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Bill Diedrick. Quinn says he's surviving and his workouts this summer have really helped him get an understanding of what is asked of a Notre Dame quarterback.

Quinn says he struggled when he first reported but he's starting to get an understanding of the system. "I wouldn't say it's moving too fast right now," said Quinn when asked if he was getting overwhelmed. "It's starting to slow down for me right now. I'm sure they'll throw a lot more on us towards the end of this week. Hopefully I can continue to keep picking up things and progressing and not fall too far behind."

The harsh critic in Quinn says he isn't satisfied with how he's been playing. "I grade myself pretty rough so I'm not really pleased with any of my practices so far. Hopefully I can do a lot better in the next few days."

Quinn says that he's starting to recognize things better and starting to understand the coverage's. "Today I would say I saw a lot more things develop than I would've imagined coming into practice. I actually had a lot more of my reads today but my ball was sailing and that really hurt me. I know I can throw a lot better than that and today it just didn't show."

Coach Diedrick has been trying to keep Quinn's confidence up and knows that all the freshmen could've used the three-day acclimation period. "He's been encouraging me. He's really trying to teach me what I need to know. I think he knows without that three-day acclimation period that it's kind of rough for me just being thrown into the mix. He's been pretty patient with working with us and kind of pacing us in the offense that we're going to be running this fall."

Quinn says what really helped him so far this fall was reporting early and getting a head start into the system. "Definitely," said Quinn about his early arrival helping him. "I think if you would've asked me that question the first day I probably would've questioned it because the speed of the game is so fast. The next couple days it started to slow down a little more and things start to become more familiar and you're starting to see things better. I definitely think that if I had to do it again I would and would encourage anyone to do it."

Some big guys like Darrell Campbell and Cedric Hilliard are chasing Quinn out there on every play. We asked Quinn if he every got rattled when he sees a guy like Campbell coming after him. "You're too busy trying to worry about coverage, my reads and what I need to focus on," said Quinn while laughing. "The only time I focus on that is when they are right in my face ready to kill me. They're definitely intimidating when you see them but I've just been trying to focus on what I need to do."

Playing quarterback for Notre Dame is a difficult job for anyone. The spotlight is always on you and the expectations and pressure to perform well can become overwhelming. Quinn says he doesn't worry about the pressure and just focuses on what he can control. "Right now you can feel the eyes on you at practice but it's more with the coaches. You realize that you run the show. You have to know your job and your responsibilities and that just comes with being a quarterback here."

Quinn has had a chance to look at some of the offensive weapons that reported with him on Monday. The freshmen wide receiver group looks outstanding according to Quinn and he's excited he will get to throw to them for years to come. He's also excited about a lot of the members in his class. "I've loved what I've seen so far. This is going to be great throwing to these guys and playing with these guys. They all have great speed and hands. Travis Thomas impresses me as well. John Sullivan at center, he really picks things up quickly and he's big and strong. Ryan Harris moves real well. Then I have the tight ends in Greg (Olsen) and John (Carlson) and then all the guys on defense. I think our class is very well-rounded right now. I'm sure I left some names out but all of these guys have impressed me."

Quinn seems to be weathering the storm so far. He's got a great head on his shoulders and every quarterback coach loves a guy who can stay calm and wants to work. Quinn should be in the battle for the second string spot in the near future.

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