Shamrock Series: ‘God, Country, Notre Dame’

Notre Dame has worked this color scheme before with its Shamrock Series gear. But the Irish have never played with this style of helmet, a unique homage to the Basilica and ‘God, Country, Notre Dame.’

Under Armour wants to tell a story with its Shamrock Series gear.

Two years ago that meant compression gear with a mosaic tile pattern found inside the Golden Dome. Notre Dame’s helmets that year were not only gold but also matched the texture of the Golden Dome itself. Last year Under Armour played off the Green Monster at Fenway Park, putting the Irish in all green with leprechaun logos on the sides of the helmets.

Now Under Armour is back on campus, applying the architecture and message of the Basilica to this year’s jerseys for the Shamrock Series date with Army in San Antonio on Nov. 12.

Notre Dame will again wear green, but the shade is closer to what the Irish wore the last time they played Army in a Shamrock Series, a deeper color green that feels more military than flashy. But it’s the helmet that will carry the story of this year’s Shamrock Series gear.

On the side of the helmet Under Armour has emblazoned an image of the stonework above a Basilica door, complete with the arches, wings and “God, Country, Notre Dame” message. Those were the closing words of the teaser video Notre Dame released Wednesday to announce today’s big reveal.

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