Abiamiri Impressive So Far

<P>Freshman Victor Abiamiri reported to Notre Dame with a lot of accolades and expectations. The 6-4, 250-pound Abiamiri has shown his vast promise on the field so far in camp and the future looks bright for Abiamiri. Irish Eyes caught up with Abiamiri to see how he's adjusting to life as a Notre Dame football player. </P>

Victor Abiamiri has really impressed Irish Eyes on the field so far in camp. He appears to be all that he was advertised with outstanding quickness and a very impressive physique. Abiamiri might not be ready to play in 2003 but all signs show that he will become an outstanding pass rusher for the Irish.

Abiamiri says he's adjusting to life as a Notre Dame football just fine. "I'm definitely enjoying it though it's a tough experience," said Abiamiri. "It's a great step up from high school football but the veterans are taking me under their wing and trying to teach me the system. They help each other out. It's been a good experience and I'm definitely enjoying it and trying to help this team out in any way I can."

The mental part of the game is usually the hardest adjustment and it has been the hardest adjustment for Abiamiri. "The hardest thing is the mental adjustment. In high school I got to pin my ears back and rush the whole time but the college game is a lot more complicated. You have more responsibility and the technique is a lot different. You are more responsible and accountable for a lot more different things than in high school. It's a big adjustment I've had to make."

Defensive line coach Greg Mattison also sees a lot of potential but recognizes that Abiamiri is a work in progress. "He says the future is bright for me but I still have a lot of work to do," said Abiamiri when asked what his coach has been saying about his performance thus far. "He's out there coaching me, he can see I'm a freshman out on the field and I'm working hard every day. He's a really good coach. He's been taking his time with me, trying to teach me the system."

Abiamiri told Irish Eyes before he reported to Notre Dame that he would probably get a little homesick. He is very close with his family and he's the first member of the family to go away for school. Abiamiri says that the adjustment hasn't been too difficult yet. "It hasn't been too hard so far as I've only been away a couple of days and I'm starting to build a family on this team. I'm sure by the time season gets here and classes start I might get a little homesick but it really hasn't kicked in just yet."

Abiamiri certainly looks the part and has been very impressive on the field so far. He looks like a man already and with more size he should develop into a great player at Notre Dame.

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