Incarnato's Decision is Coming

Chauncey Incarnato made a visit to South Bend this weekend with his parents. What did he think of his visit? When will he decide?

Chauncey Incarnato, the 6'7, 280lb offensive lineman from Dover OH made the trip from Ohio to Indiana this weekend to check out the Irish. He left very impressed. "The trip was fantastic sir" said Incarnato. "I really had a good time. I got to meet a lot of the players and the coaches. The campus was just beautiful. I was really happy to be there."

The coaches seemed to have made a positive impact on Incarnato as well. "Coach Willingham is the greatest coach I have every been around. He's so intelligent. He took a lot of time out to talk to me. We sat and talked for hours" said Incarnato. So I take it you really liked Tyrone Willingham I said jokingly. "Yes sir, I really did. He's great."

Apparently, Coach Willingham wasn't the only coach that impressed Incarnato. "Coach Denbrock the offensive line coach was real cool too. We went over a lot of things, and I think he could really help me become a better player. The coaching staff as a whole is really good at Notre Dame sir."

Did Incarnato commit? "No sir, I didn't commit. I wanted to come home and think about things. It's down to Notre Dame and Pitt."

What is it about both schools that have made them stick out? "Notre Dame has the best tradition in the country sir. Plus I really like the coaching staff. Pitt is close to home, and my parents could drive to see me play every week."

When will Incarnato make a decision? "I will decide sometime this week sir. Friday at the latest."

IrishEyes will keep you updated on Incarnato's decision.

Comments: I got a hold of Incarnato late last night so I didn't want to keep him on the phone too long. He sounded exhausted, but still beaming from his trip to South Bend. From the way Incarnato explained his visit, one would think the Irish lead for his services. Do not count out Pitt just yet because location can be very important to some kids. With that being said, I like our chances. He seems to really like Coach Willingham, and Denbrock. He's also the type of kid that Willingham wants on his team. Every time I asked Incarnato something, he responded with "yes sir" or "no sir." It will all come down to location versus tradition. We'll keep you posted through out the week on this one. Top Stories