Morelli Unsure on Visit this Weekend

Quarterback Anthony Morelli has been rumored to be making a visit to Notre Dame this weekend. Irish Eyes caught up with the star quarterback to find out if he will be making his visit this weekend and where he stood right now in his decision process.

Anthony Morelli says he is not sure he will be making a visit to Notre Dame this weekend. "Right now, I'm not sure. I will wait and see what happens. Everything is up in the air right now. I really don't know when I'm visiting or when I'll make my decision. I'm probably not going to wait until after my season to decide."

We asked Morelli when he might visit? "Hopefully pretty soon. I still want to visit there and I'm still very interested in Notre Dame. We just need to iron out some little things."

Comments: There is more to the story here but I won't get into it now because I'm not sure if we were talking "off the record" when he explained or not. I will treat it as we were. I expect the "little things" can be ironed out very soon and Morelli will either visit Notre Dame this weekend or likely will end up committing to Pittsburgh soon. Either way, he is a great kid and I wish him the best. Top Stories