Brohm Has Offer from Notre Dame

<P>Louisville, KY quarterback Brian Brohm recently received an offer from Notre Dame. Brohm has long been linked with the Irish and Notre Dame has been a mainstay in his top five throughout the process. Irish Eyes caught up with Brohm to find out what his future plans are at this point. </P>

Brian Brohm has been on the Irish radar since last year when he visited Notre Dame unofficially for a game. He recently received an offer from Notre Dame and says he was happy to finally receive the offer. "The offer came about two weeks ago. I was happy about that. I was waiting for the offer and they made it official" said Brohm.

Brohm says the offer confirms the Irish are in his top schools right now. "It puts Notre Dame at the top with my other top schools right now. Notre Dame, Tennessee, Kentucky and Louisville are my top schools right now."

The Louisville native says he plans to visit Notre Dame sometime this fall for a game. "I had planned to come earlier but I will come up for a game this fall. I'm not sure if it will be an official visit or an unofficial visit."

Brohm says he isn't ruling anyone out just yet. "I'm waiting to hear from the coaches on September 1st. I don't want to rule anyone out yet so I will wait and see what happens then. I'm not sure when I will decide but I plan to take some visits."

Comments: In our conversations with Brohm, he doesn't appear to get overly excited about anything--probably a good trait for any quarterback to have. One could tell he was happy about the offer but Brohm wants to take some visits before he decides what he wants to do. We'll keep an eye on Brohm and try to confirm when he will be taking his game visit to Notre Dame. Top Stories