Kadous is Deciding When to Decide

John Kadous discusses his time frame, and top 5 with IrishEyes.

John Kadous, the 6'6 310lb OT from Tuscon Arizona has been one of the most asked about recruits from Irish fans. He attended the Notre Dame camp, and was offered afterward. So what's new with Kadous?

"I've been working hard preparing for my season. We should have a pretty good team this year, and I'm trying to focus on the things I need to do to make us better" said Kadous. I wondered how it must be to practice in the Arizona heat, and how it affects him during practice. "That's funny. You really don't pay it any mind after a while. It's just something you have to deal with. You get use to it after a while when you're on the field."

Kadous tried to down play the recruiting aspect of the year, but admitted he'd been hearing from a bunch of schools. "I've been hearing from Notre Dame, Northwestern, and a lot of Pac 10 schools. My top 5 are Notre Dame, Northwestern, UCLA, Stanford, and Cal." With Notre Dame and Northwestern are in the equation, I asked him if playing in cold weather would be a factor. "No. I actually enjoy the cold weather. It would be nice not to have to step outside into 100 degree weather."

Since Kadous is trying to focus on his season, I asked if he was planning on choosing a school soon. "I'm not sure when I'll decide. I might take a couple visits. But then again, I could decide sooner" he laughed. "I guess you can tell I'm not sure when I'll decide" he said. "I would like to wait a while to decide, but then again I don't want to lose my spot. I don't want to get left behind."

Comments: Kadous is obviously confused still. I do think he'll wind up taking a few official visits before he decides. Notre Dame is in his top 5, and will more than likely get a visit. IrishEyes will keep you posted.

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