Kelly disappointed, embarrassed, ‘mad as hell’

Brian Kelly met the media for the first time following last weekend’s arrests, with Max Redfield’s dismissal already part of the fallout. Kelly talked expectations, leadership and what’s next.

Disappointment hit first.

Next came embarrassment for Notre Dame.

Finally, Brian Kelly was “mad as hell” following the weekend arrests of six players in two separate incidents just hours after Notre Dame broke camp. The fallout already removed Max Redfield from the roster and landed Devin Butler on indefinite suspension.

Meanwhile, the four other players involved – Dexter Williams, Te’von Coney, Ashton White and Kevin Stepherson – remain on the active roster and Kelly said all four will stay there until he’s told otherwise. While Kelly refused to detail the internal discipline handed down to those four and said if it was up to him that all four would be available to play against Texas.

However, Kelly stated that that decision is not up to him. Notre Dame’s Office of Community Standards must rule before those four are in the clear within the University. Kelly used the term "expedited" in describing his hopes for resolution on the University side. 

“You have to be prepared as a college coach, unfortunately, to deal with some poor decisions,” Kelly said. “They crop up. I think you have to be fair, but you also have to be quick in making decisions.

“When (players) don’t square with your mission or philosophies , your program or your university, you can’t be afraid to make decisions. You can’t be swayed by external factors. You have to do the right thing.”

Kelly didn’t expound on what led to Redfield’s dismissal, but stated it was “serious” in nature. Pertaining to the incident itself in Fulton County that led to five arrests, Kelly said he did not know whose hand gun was in the Ford Focus driven by White.

Butler’s status remains unclear following two felony charges and a not guilty plea on Wednesday. While a felony can lead to an automatic dismisal from the University, Kelly was not prepared to make a final decision within the eprogram. However, Butler’s indefinite suspension means he is not in the football facility or meeting with the team.

The senior cornerback is already out for at least another month while recovering from a broken foot.

“It’s more than just you,” Kelly said when asked about his message to the team this week. “We talked about selfish decisions. We talked about representing more than yourself, you represent your University, you represent your program and you represent an entire fan base.

“It’s about more than just you." Top Stories