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When September Ends

In the first of two staff surveys this weekend, Irish Illustrated turns its focus to the season’s opening month.

1. Rank your order of confidence (1 through 4) for September Irish victories vs. Texas, Nevada, MSU, and Duke:

-- Tim Prister: Nevada, Duke, Texas, MSU
-- Pete Sampson: Nevada, Duke, Texas, Michigan State. I nearly put Texas as the most difficult game of the month.
-- Tim O’Malley: Nevada, Duke, MSU, Texas. Three will be decided in the 4th Quarter.

2. Total Starts for Malik Zaire in Sept. (O/U 0.5):

-- Prister: Under (zero)
-- Sampson: Under. But he plays meaningful snaps in all four games.
-- O’Malley: Over. I have a suspicion he’ll take the first snap at Texas.

3. Total defensive snaps for Jarron Jones in Sept. (Pete will track) O/U 109.5:

-- Prister: Just under
-- Sampson: Over. But I’m not confident about it.
-- O’Malley: Under

4. Total *Stuffs by Nyles Morgan in Sept. (O’Malley will track) O/U 9.5:

-- Prister: Over
-- Sampson: Over. Way over. He’s going to have a great season.
-- O’Malley: Over, he’ll get off to a great start.

*Denotes tackles for loss, plus tackles for gains of 0, 1, 2 yards that do not result in first downs.

5. Total Pass Targets for Torii Hunter in Sept. (O’Malley to track) O/U 47.5:

-- Prister: Slightly under
-- Sampson: Under. Notre Dame will play run-first this fall.
-- O’Malley: Under, but over 40

6. Total missed kicks of any type by Justin Yoon in Sept. (O/U 1.5):

-- Prister: Over (2)
-- Sampson: Over. Training camp has made me wary of a guy I thought was a sure thing.
-- O’Malley: Over. I think his season will be similar to last year: rough early, then perfect.

7. Total receptions by Irish tight ends in Sept. (O/U 12.5):

-- Prister: Just under
-- Sampson: Over. If you turned “tight ends” into Nic Weishar, I still would have bet the over.
-- O’Malley: Squeaks over

8. Notre Dame’s Sept. TD Percentage in the Red Zone (O/U 65.0 percent):

-- Prister: Under (63%)
-- Sampson: Under. Brian Kelly has managed that percentage just once in the past six years.
-- O’Malley: Under. Fool me six times, shame on me…

9. Total TD drives allowed by the Irish defense of 70 or more yards in September (O/U 7.5):

-- Prister: Under (6)
-- Sampson: Under. Three new quarterbacks and Nevada?
-- O’Malley: Under, I suppose

10. Total TD (rushing or passing) by Malik Zaire in Sept. (O/U 5.5):

-- Prister: Under (5)
-- Sampson: Under. Just don’t think he’s going to get the opportunity to light it up.
-- O’Malley: Under, but 5.

11. Total TD (rushing or passing) by DeShone Kizer in Sept. (O/U 8.5):

-- Prister: Over (10)
-- Sampson: Over. I do think he’s going to get the opportunity to light it up.
-- O’Malley: Over

12. Total Wins by the Irish in September (O/U 3.5):

-- Prister: Under (3)
-- Sampson: Under. Too much uncertainty right now to feel good about a 4-0 start. This team should improve as the year goes on, which logically means they won’t be at their best in September.
-- O’Malley: Under (3). Can’t go against predictions made in the Musings. 3-1 in September… Top Stories