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Staff Survey: 2016 Season

Tim Prister, Pete Sampson and Tim O’Malley offer true/false and over/under answers for the upcoming Irish season.

For all of the following answers, only the squad’s 12 regular season games apply:

1. Total touchdowns produced by receivers Equanimeous St. Brown, Miles Boykin, KJ Stepherson, Corey Holmes, Chase Claypool, Chris Finke, and Javon McKinley (Over/Under 10.5):

-- Tim Prister: Over (11)
-- Pete Sampson: Under. I do think ESB is good for six this year though.
-- Tim O’Malley: Under (10)

2. Total sacks registered by the Irish defense (O/U 28.5):

-- Prister: Under (26)
-- Sampson: Under. The Irish don’t have enough pass rush right now. Brian Kelly knows it. Brian VanGorder does too.
-- O’Malley: Under (27-28). The beat goes on…

3. Total interceptions registered by the Irish defense (O/U 14.5):

-- Prister: Over (15)
-- Sampson: Over
-- O’Malley: Over (Good corners facing stinky QBs that litter the slate)  

5. C.J. Sanders: total touchdowns scored (rec., rushing, returns) O/U 5.5:

-- Prister: Under, but he’ll score 5
-- Sampson: Over
-- O’Malley: Creeps Over

6. Combined turnovers committed by Kizer and Zaire in competitive game situations (O/U 11.5):  

-- Prister: Under (10)
-- Sampson: Under. Way under.
-- O’Malley: Under

7. Offense’s Red Zone Touchdown Percentage for the season (O/U 65.0%):

-- Prister: Over (67%)
-- Sampson: Under. The last six years don’t inspire confidence
-- O’Malley: Over. Just barely. Can’t believe I picked Over!

8. Total Home Losses (O/U 1.5):

-- Prister: Over (2)
-- Sampson: Under. Not sure Notre Dame is good enough to run the table at home, but the Irish won’t lose twice.
-- O’Malley: Under. But with minimal confidence in this choice because I believe 5 of the 6 home games will be close.

9. Total Losses Away from Home (O/U 1.5):

-- Prister: Under (1)
-- Sampson: Over. Just a sneaking suspicion Notre Dame stubs its toe in a game it shouldn’t lose away from home, maybe twice. Can’t really pick out the offending weekends, but road games have usually been tight under Kelly.
-- O’Malley: Over. Though honestly, there are only three possibilities.

10. Total TD scored by Irish tight ends (O/U 4.5)?

-- Prister: Under (4)
-- Sampson: Over, over, over. I have massive amounts of optimism around Nic Weishar
-- O’Malley: Under. I think 25 TDs by the ‘backs and 10-plus rushing by the QBs limits everyone else not named Torii Hunter.

11. True or False: Notre Dame’s rushing leader will exceed 1,000 yards?

-- Prister: False
-- Sampson: True and it will be Tarean Folston
-- O’Malley: False

12. True or False: Notre Dame’s receiving yardage leader will exceed 1,000 yards?

-- Prister: False
-- Sampson: True. Torii Hunter Jr. going over 1,000 yards feels inevitable.
-- O’Malley: True. Save for 2007 and 2012, it has happened at ND each season beginning in 2005. (You don’t see ’07 and ’12 lumped together often.)

13. True or False: Notre Dame will score 30 or more points in at least eight regular season games?

-- Prister: True
-- Sampson: True
-- O’Malley: True

14. True or False: Notre Dame’s defense will allow three or more touchdowns in at least eight regular season games?

-- Prister: True
-- Sampson: True
-- O’Malley: True

15. True or False: One Notre Dame QB will start at least NINE of 12 regular season games?

-- Prister: True
-- Sampson: False. Not an ideal situation, but that’s where we are.
-- O’Malley: True. It’ll shake out post MSU in terms of a pecking order with QB2 becoming more situational.

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