Carmody makes fourth Irish visit

Robby Carmody doesn’t need a guided tour to Notre Dame anymore. The four-star junior guard from Mars, Pa., made a fourth trip to South Bend last weekend. He experienced some familiar things with a new wrinkle or two along the way.

Robby Carmody could practically lead tours around Notre Dame by now.

In the last year Carmody has visited South Bend four times after another trip last weekend centered around the Michigan State football game. There’s not much the four-star junior guard from Mars, Pa., doesn’t know at this point.

“Definitely feel like I know the coaches really well,” Carmody said. “I’m starting to build a good relationship with them and the players.”

Carmody did experience a few different things this time.

Notre Dame welcomed back a quartet of NBA players in Demetrius Jackson (Boston), Jerian Grant (Chicago), Pat Connaughton (Portland) and Zach Auguste (Los Angeles Lakers).

They all mixed it up in pickup games, as did recruits on their visits. Carmody guarded peers at times and also Connaughton now and again.

“We went up a little early to play pickup with some of the guys,” Carmody said. “Some of the pro guys came back. That was pretty cool. It was fun to play with them. It was crazy. They had fans in there watching. It was a lot of up and down, a lot of stuff that I like to play with.”

Getting back to campus also let Carmody reconnect with head coach Mike Brey and assistant Ryan Ayers, who’s been heading up his recruitment. Ayers took over in pursuing Carmody after joining the staff this offseason.

Carmody has been listening with a keen ear because Ayers also played at Notre Dame for Brey.

“They all know what it’s like to be in our shoes,” Carmody said. “I definitely think that helps them with recruiting. They were talking about how much Notre Dame means to them after going there and how much all the fans are supporting and trying to help everyone after college.”

Tailgating and the football game offered something familiar as Carmody visited for a game day last season as well. Overall, everything the Irish have shown so far has them up the list.

“It’s definitely a school I could see myself playing at,” said Carmody, who was the first prospect Brey offered in the Class of 2018. “That’s something I’m considering a lot.”

Carmody now expects Brey to follow up by attending a workout soon. Michigan stopped in Monday to see the 6-foot-4, 190-pound prospect. Arizona is expected this week as well.

Cincinnati, DePaul, Louisville, Michigan, Northwestern, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Syracuse and Xavier are among the scholarship offers on the table. Carmody will see the Wolverines again next.

“We’re going to Michigan (this) weekend,” Carmody said. “That’s it for right now. Right now I’m still just trying to take it slow.” Top Stories