Staff Picks: Notre Dame vs. Syracuse

Irish Illustrated’s staff gives its predictions for Saturday’s noon kickoff vs. the Syracuse Orange.

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Of note, only one member of the Irish Illustrated staff missed more than two games last season (and it was 3). We’ve all matched that total this season by the end of September. Yay team!

Pete Sampson

I don’t know. You don’t know. Nobody knows anymore.

Notre Dame’s season jumped the tracks from disappointing to absurd last weekend and there’s little to reason to think sanity will return this fall. So why not go all-in on a 1,200-yard, 90-point fireworks festival this weekend at MetLife?

If we can’t predict what’s coming for Notre Dame football anymore with any kind of accuracy, we might as well be entertained in the process. DeShone Kizer throws for four touchdowns and Dexter Williams runs for a pair. The Irish escape New York. 

Notre Dame 48 Syracuse 42
2016 Predictions: 1-3

Tim O’Malley

Aren't they due? Am I right in the notion that Notre Dame simply won't begin its season at 1-4? (Because if that happens, it's ‘Hello 1-6!’).

Of issue: the Irish looked worse on film in their loss to Duke than on game day. That wasn't the case in the opener against Texas or the late-thwarted comeback vs. the Spartans.

I except a healthy dose of defensive passion from Brian Kelly's niece like defense...I also expect plenty of yards and points allowed. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Notre Dame 41 Syracuse 40
2016 Predictions: 1-3

Jack Freeman

A Notre Dame team in transition mode heads into MetLife Stadium to take on fast paced Syracuse. Not a good time for the Irish defense to have to face an up-tempo spread offense while responding to the firing of their defensive coordinator.

Count on the Notre Dame defense to give up their typical fair share of points and yards but just maybe they can get the key stop that will open the door for Kizer to lead the offense on the winning drive in a game that has shoot out written all over it. Once again it’s In Kizer We Trust.

Notre Dame 41 Syracuse 35
2016 Predictions: 1-3

Steve Hare

The Irish made a change at defensive coordinator but the personnel on that side of the ball haven’t changed. That means the Irish are going to have to win a higher scoring game and the offense can’t afford to turn the ball over or go long stretches without scoring. If those things occur, as they have the past two weeks, Notre Dame could have a long trip back to South Bend.

Notre Dame 42 Syracuse 28
2016 Predictions: 1-3

Anna Hickey

On paper, here's what we've got: a tempo Syracuse offense capable of carving up the back end of the Irish defense, an Irish defensive front four allergic to rushing the pass, and an interim defensive coordinator coaching his first game.

In the locker room, though, Notre Dame's got the winningest active head coach in the FBS, Mike McGlinchey, and DeShone Kizer (that QB that might go No. 1 overall in 2017). So, no, I'm not predicting an upset. And, I'm giving the points.

Notre Dame 37 Syracuse 17
2016 Predictions: 1-3

Jake Brown

These haven't been going so great this season. Maybe it's time to finally get another one right. It's pretty clear Syracuse is going to put up some points with its up-tempo offense. I'm also convinced Notre Dame gets into the 40s as DeShone Kizer peels away (get it?!) at the Orange defense. Not sure that pun even made sense. Anyway, the best way to make football fun again is to score a bunch.

Don't think that'll be problem. Equanimeous St. Brown has a big game -- a couple touchdowns. 

Notre Dame 45 Syracuse 31
2016 Predictions: 1-3

Len Clark (Multi-media contributor)

This is a coin toss.  I, like, everyone am anxious to see how the defense performs.  Kizer and the offense will move the ball against the Syracuse defense, but what about the intangibles?  Will Notre Dame play with passion and what does fiery look on the sidelines relating to coach Kelly's demeanor.  I think this game comes down to talent and knowing this is a must win game for the program. 

Notre Dame 41 Syracuse 31
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