Earl Thinks Irish Can Overcome Losses

<P>Starting free safety Glenn Earl has had a storied career at Notre Dame. Who can forget the blocked kick against Air Force to win the game? Irish Eyes caught up with Earl to find out how the secondary is looking so far in camp. </P>

Glenn Earl walked into the media room icing a couple of areas on his body—results from the grueling two-a-days practices. "I'm fine, just some bruises," said Earl of the ice packs. "It's been a tough week but it's over now."

Earl said he feels the defense is starting to gel. "Everything's going good—slowly but surely. We're getting there. We've played pretty well most of the time but have some things we need to work on."

The Irish had their first scrimmage on Friday. We asked Earl how he felt the defense held up. "We did pretty well. We didn't have all our key guys but I think as a whole we played hard. We saw a lot of good things from a lot of different people it was pretty much your typical scrimmage. We did some good things and we did some bad things so we'll try to correct that in the weeks to come."

The Irish secondary will have to replace Earl's partner is crime in Gerome Sapp. We asked Earl about Garron Bible and Freddie Parish—two players who appear to be battling for the spot. "Garron's playing really well. He's played some football here so he knows what's happening. I think he's stepping up and filling that role pretty well. Freddie Parish, he's a freshman and it's pretty difficult for anyone to run with the first or second team but he's battling out there, he's all ears, he's taking advice from all the older guys and trying to get any information he can. He's playing well--I take my hat off to him."

The secondary will also have to replace departed corner Shane Walton. Earl thinks the secondary can overcome both losses. "I definitely think we will. Losing those two guys are key guys. Guys like Jason and Garron are both great guys and they understand that their filling some big shoes. I'm confident that those guys and the rest of the defense will be up to the task."

With the first scrimmage and two-a-days behind them, Earl thinks the team will start to focus on Washington State. "I think it does, after today we'll get everything in place," said Earl when asked if the focus is starting to shift. "Get people in place and knowing who we will work with. Look at what they did last year and see how they will attack us. All our focus will probably turn to Washington State."

Earl appeared somewhat gimpy walking in but said he will be fine. The main concern we see is that the secondary will have to replace two great players in both Sapp and Walton and both players were very good against the run.

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