Irish Offer Arrington

Cedar Rapids, IA isn't normally known as a hotbed of talent for college recruiters but plenty of coaches have stopped by George Washington high school in Cedar Rapids to take a look at Adrian Arrington. The 6-4, 185-pound wide receiver prospect has received over 20 offers so far and one recently from Notre Dame.

Adrian Arrington is a hot prospect. "I have over 20 offers so far," said Arrington. "I can't remember them all. "Oklahoma, Iowa, Iowa State, UCLA, Kansas, Kansas State, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame Colorado an Wisconsin are some of them."

The Irish recently offered Arrington and Arrington says he was happy about that. "They offered me on the 14th of this month. I was excited and kind of surprised. They came to visit me in May and I wasn't sure how they felt about me. They are definitely in my top five now. I don't know too much about Notre Dame. I know they have a good tradition and I hear a lot of good things about their head coach."

Most Iowa players end up staying in state. Arrington says he's his own man. "There are people that say I should stay in state. I hear it a lot but I'm going to make my own decision and that won't have any impact on my decision."

Arrington says he plans to take all five of his visits before deciding. "I plan to take all five. I probably won't make a visits during the season. We should have a great chance to win the State Championship so I don't want to let that get in the way."

Arrington is fully qualifed right now with a 3.5 G.P.A. and a qualifying score on his A.C.T.

"Tradition, the coaches and the math department will be the most important factors," said Arrington when asked what would be important to him. "I want to major in math so the school will have to have a good math department."

Comments: Arrington would fit in very well at Notre Dame. The offer surprised him and I think he will become very interested in the Irish once he gets to know more about Notre Dame. We'll keep an eye on him. Top Stories