Notre Dame Would Love to Land Banks

James Banks is among the top quarterback prospects in the nation and he has Notre Dame among his favorites. Do the Irish have a shot?

QB James Banks 6-3 200 4.5 Indianapolis, Indiana (Ben Davis)

It's a very good year for quarterbacks in 2001 and if I had to pick just one I'd pick Ben Davis gunslinger James Banks. Banks is the total package. I've watched film on Banks over and over, day in and day out and I'm just amazed at how fluid and polished he looks.

Banks has the arm of a major college quarterback right now and when you throw in his speed and pocket awareness, you've got a young man with a very bright future. James has excellent drops, he's very relaxed in the pocket and he's able to read defenses very well.

Banks can throw the 15-yard out with zip, he can throw the fade pattern with touch and he has the arm to put it 70 yards in the air. At this point in both of their careers, Banks is more polished than Donovan McNabb, who I had the pleasure of coaching against when McNabb was at Mt. Carmel High School in Chicago and I was at rival Joliet Catholic.

Banks says he wishes he could have gone up against the nations top quarterbacks at the Elite 11 quarterback camp held in California this past summer.

"I really wanted to go to that camp," Banks said. "Indiana rules prohibited me from participating in that camp so I couldn't go.

Has he narrowed down his top school choices yet?

"I'm still looking at Notre Dame, Tennessee, Michigan, Clemson, Miami, Virginia Tech and Purdue. I haven't set up any of my official visits as of yet but I'm probably going to do that in a couple of weeks. I don't have a leader."

All favorites have offered a scholarship.

How does Banks feel about his season so far?

"We're 5-0 and that's the first thing I'm always concerned with. My stats aren't that great right now. I have some young receivers and there have been some dropped balls. I have my scholarship offers and I know what I can do on the field. I'm concerned with winning more than stats."

Banks will face a different test this Saturday. He'll be taking his SAT test, this test means more right now than any game James will play this season.

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