Walker Will Wait Awhile

Darius Walker took time out on his Labor Day to sit down and chat with IrishEyes about his plans for the upcoming season.

Darius Walker, the 5'11 195lb RB from Buford GA said things really haven't changed yet. "Man, I don't really have a top 5. It changes every day. I have more of a top 10" Walker said laughing. "I'm not sure when I'll be narrowing things down either. Right now I'm just concentrating on my season" he continued.

Where does Notre Dame stand with Walker? "Like I said, I really haven't narrowed things down, but Notre Dame is one of the schools at the top of my list. I'm sure I'll visit Notre Dame. But I probably won't be making any visits until January, after my season."

Unlike a lot of kids, Walker is playing things pretty cool right now. He said he's not really worrying about recruiting. "I'm just focusing on my season right now. I'm happy the coaches can call again though" referring to the end of the dead period. "I'm looking forward to hearing from a few coaches." I asked him who in particular. "Just a few different coaches" he laughed. "But Coach Willingham is one" he said laughing, guessing I would ask him that.

I told Walker that he was pretty good at avoiding questions, and not committing one way or the other (sounds like a certain coach we Irish fans all know and love). We both had a good laugh at that. I told him he should be a politician.

Comments: Darius is a real pleasure to talk to. He always seems to be in a good mood, and has a great sense of humor. Don't expect Walker to decide anytime soon, but Notre Dame should be in it until the end.

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