‘He's football fast’

Notre Dame is getting a perfect fit for Mike Elko’s defense in Jordan Genmark-Heath, according to his 7-on-7 coach. Fale Poumele likes the safety’s skillset and his leadership.

In the end, two staff changes got Jordan Genmark-Heath into Notre Dame’s commitment column.

All it took for the 6-foot-2, 205-pound three-star athlete from San Diego to commit to the Irish was a staff clear out at Cal, where he committed last October, and a serious defensive scheme turnover in South Bend from Brian VanGorder to Mike Elko.

That defensive shift basically created a position for Genmark-Heath as a potential Rover in the 4-2-5 scheme Elko employs. That’s a perfect fit for Genmark-Heath, at least according to his Seven60 Athletes 7-on-7 coach Fale Poumele.

“He works really well in space and he covers a lot of space by himself,” Poumele said. “He has the physical ability to do it and he doesn't shy away from contact. He can cover the No. 2 receiver and take any deep routes away and he's got good instincts. That's what allows him to play the way he does.”

In addition to his physical skills, Genmark-Heath will also provide direction at the back end.

“One thing that I love about Jordan is he's a leader,” Poumele said. “He knows how to delegate and he knows the defense and understands the concepts that football brings as far as Cover 2, man-to-man, those coverages. One of the things that stuck out for me the first time I met him was he wasn't shy about telling kids what to do and his leadership. He didn't just tell people what to do, he'd show them. That was one thing I really love about him. He can back it up by showing them and by doing it.”

Genmark-Heath’s understanding of the defense and football instincts help him to play at a much faster level than his peers.

“He's football fast,” Poumele said. “He has a nose for the ball and does really well with understanding the scheme. He knows what he can and can't do in his situation depending on if he's in the box or at free safety or strong safety coming down. He really understands the scheme, which allows him to play at a fast level.” ranks Genmark-Heath as the No. 41 athlete in the country. Top Stories