Brohm's Phone Has Been Ringing

Louisville, KY quarterback Brian Brohm has been a busy man lately fielding phone calls from college coaches. His team has started their season 0-2 with losses to two very good teams. Brohm says he's wide open right now with recruiting but he will be taking an official visit to Notre Dame.

The phone has been ringing for Brian Brohm. "I've received calls from Notre Dame, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan, Alabama, Penn State and Illinois," said Brohm.

The Louisville native received a call from Tyrone Willingham the first day. "He just said they were really interested in me. We talked about the tradition and the academics. We also talked about their quarterback situation. I've spoken to him before and he's a really intelligent guy. He knows how to motivate and I think he would be a great coach to play for."

Brohm says he plans to visit Notre Dame officially but a date hasn't been set yet for the visit. "We didn't talk about a date. I know I will take an official visit there but I don't know when. It will probably be for a home game during the season but we haven't worked out a date yet."

Not much has changed with his list of top schools yet. "It's pretty much the same list I gave you before. Not much has changed." Brohm had listed Notre Dame, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisville and Illinois previously in no particular order.

Trinity high school has got off to a slow start with a 0-2 record but Brohm says they are just trying to find themselves right now. "We've got to keep working hard and it will all come together. The two losses don't mean much in terms of us and the playoffs for the State of Kentucky. I knew we would struggle early but we're working to fix the problems we have. I think we'll come together."

Comments. Brohm confirmed that he likely won't make a decision until after his season and after he takes some official visits. Expect the Irish to be in the race until the end. I do think he is wide open at this point and doesn't seem to be favoring any one particular school. Top Stories