Brown Remains Open

Madison, AL defensive line prospect David Brown has been a hot prospect of late. He's received a number of offers from schools like Alabama, Notre Dame, Georgia, Auburn and Georgia Tech. Brown had said he wanted to make an early decision but Brown now says he will take his time and take some visits.

David Brown has been a real busy man lately. The 6-3, 265-pound defensive line prospect has spent a lot of time on the phone and on the road lately. "I've talked to Alabama, Notre Dame, Georgia, Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt so far," said Brown of the schools that have called him. "I went to the Auburn/USC game last weekend and I plan on going to see Alabama/Oklahoma game this weekend."

Brown says he enjoyed the game at Auburn but the result wasn't quite what he expected. "It would've been better if they won, that kind of put a damper on the mood. It was a good match-up. I have already experienced the pre-game there. My sister just graduated from there so I've been there before. It was nice to see the coaches again."

Brown is also thinking about coming up for an official visit for a Notre Dame game. "We want to take an official visit there during a game. My Dad said something about the BYU game but we haven't set anything up yet. When I visited this summer it was like an official visit. They took me everywhere and showed me everything so I'm familiar with the school. I want to see what a game would be like there."

Coach Mattison called Brown earlier this week. "I talked to Coach Mattison and we just kind of caught up. He said they still wanted me and he helped me out with some technique that I had some questions on. We mainly talked about what has happened since I visited there this summer."

Don't expect a decision out of Brown any time soon. "I really haven't started to narrow it down. Other than Notre Dame, I'm not sure who else I might visit. Alabama will probably get one. After that, I'm really wide open. I want to see all the schools before I make my decision."

Comments David seems real open right now. The Irish might have had an early lead but I think David is going to take his time and visit some schools. I don't think any particular school is leading for him at this point and he appears to be open to any school that wants to recruit him. Top Stories