Linebacker Looking To Make A Statement

Canyon High School's own Andrew Schantz from Canyon County, CA. is a linebacker with something to prove. As a result of having to play with a broken foot, California's top linebacker prospect is left with a lot of interests, but no scholarship offers. Irish Eyes caught up with Andrew over the Labor Day weekend to find out what his intentions are.

As a highly touted linebacker who is 6', 220 lbs, runs the 40 in 4.52, a 20 yd. shuffle of 4.48, a vertical of 30.4", and can bench 185 lbs. 21 times, Andrew, as of Labor Day, still has not a single scholarship offer. Irish Eyes wondered what his take on how the recruiting process for him has been going. "Pretty good," Andrew said. A lot of them (coaches) want to see film of my first two games so they can decide if they want to offer."

Interestingly enough, Andrew has made no secret of his interest in Notre Dame. We asked him if any of the Notre Dame Coaches have contacted him at all. "No, they have not called," Andrew said. "I'm hoping they call. I spoke to a recruit last year and he got my transcripts and just told me to keep working hard in class and in practice."

Hoping to make Notre Dame and other schools take notice, Irish Eyes wondered what he was doing to prepare for his senior season. "Just working my butt off," he said. "My coach is a perfectionist and has me perfect everything I do. If I do something wrong, he'll ride me to do it over and over again till I do it right."

Comments: Andrew is the second ranked Linebacker prospect from the west by The Sporting News from last year and he did that with a broken bone in his foot. With his interest in Notre Dame, Irish Eyes and many of our readers have taken a very big interest in Andrew. Irish Eyes plans to personally cover some of his games and keep close contact with him for all the latest development. On a personal level, Andrew is one of the friendliest most personable players I have been fortunate to speak with. If the Irish do offer, look for Notre Dame to be the leader. Top Stories