Beckstrom Set to Return to Starting Role

Senior cornerback Jason Beckstrom has had a long road coming back from a torn bicep injury he suffered last fall. Beckstrom has been given the starting nod against Washington State and he can't wait to get back on the field again for the Irish.

The pain and recovery hasn't been difficult for Beckstrom but the wait has. Beckstrom has played a lot of football since he was first inserted as a true freshman in the Irish secondary. Beckstrom can't wait to see the field again.

"Coming off of a two year layoff I am really excited as you can imagine," said Beckstrom. "I haven't played football for two years, Coach Davie's last game at Purdue, so 24 months is a long period of time. There is a lot of anxiousness to get out there and a lot of drive. I just want to get out there and work hard, take care of my responsibility. If I do that, I can depend on my other teammates to do the same and we can come out with a win."

The injury took some time to heal for Beckstrom. "It took nine months to get the muscle to totally heal, thank God I had a wonderful surgeon and things went really well. Back in May I was back to full strength and I felt that my left arm was stronger than my right. I don't really have any problems with it. Going through that whole process of learning to get over an injury has taught me how to get through other little things. In the game of football you are always playing with something and if you know how to get over that mentally you can go ahead and play your physical game."

There also has been some adjustment for Beckstrom in learning the new defense and they way Coach Walters likes his defensive backs to play. "When Coach Davie was here we liked to play a little more man defense, more hands on," said Beckstrom. "Not to take anything away from those coaches, but these coaches want us to be a more complete player, where we go up and maybe play two or three different techniques on a receiver as far as playing on the ball or off the ball or intermediate distance."

The Tulsa, OK native says this adjustment should help him in the future. "They just want us to be an all round guy. It was hard to adjust to but if you want to go up to the next level that's what you've got to do. If you want to be successful against the teams and the receiving corps we play against you've got to be able to do it all."

The time off for Beckstrom let him a little rusty in his game and he said working out the rust has been the hardest thing for him. "I think that is to be expected when you have taken that much time off--there is some rust you have to work off. We can always get better, whenever you think you are good you can take it another step further. The big thing now is paying attention to detail but we are trying to work out, get everything right. One little mess up on the field can mean six points so you have to pay attention to every little thing."

Beckstrom's return to being the player he has been in the past has been slowed by yet another injury. Beckstrom says the little dings are just part of the game. "Those type of things are always frustrating when you are not at 100 percent but, like I said, that is the game. Not everybody is always 100 percent especially late in the season, so it really helps you if you know how to get over those things."

The good news for Beckstrom is he will be starting on Saturday and he can't wait for Saturday to get here. "I'll be a starter so I'm looking forward to getting out there and playing with these guys. They had a great season last year. I'm really excited to be part of a defense like this. They have been ranked fourth in the country and I've been playing with them for four years so I'm really looking forward to getting on the field with them." Top Stories