Arrington Starts Season With Win

Ceder Rapids, IA wide receiver prospect Adrian Arrington has kicked off his season with a win. Adrian's phone has also been ringing and Arrington says he's just taking it all in.

Adrian Arrington has been busy. The 6-4, 185-pound wide receiver opened his season with a win. "We won our first game," said Arrington. "I had four catches for 89 yards. I didn't score a touchdown but I had a two-point conversion."

Adrian has also been fielding phone calls. "Pretty much everybody as called. Iowa, Iowa State, UCLA, Wisconsin, Colorado, Notre Dame, Michigan, Kansas State, Kansas. That's all I can remember but it's been a lot."

Arrington missed a call from Tyrone Willingham. "Tyrone Willingham called me but I wasn't home. He left a message. I'm looking forward to speaking to him. I hear good things about him."

Arrington has also taken in a college football game already. "I went to Iowa's first game. It was pretty fun. I've been to a lot of their games. It's only a half hour away so I've been going to their games for a long time."

When Arrington is at a game, he's watching one. "I watched a lot of college football. I watched all day and saw all the games. Florida surprised me. I thought they were going to win."

Don't expect a decision coming any time soon. "I plan to narrow it down to five by the end of my season and then I will take some visits. I might take some official visits to some schools during game weekends. I might take one to UCLA and Michigan during a game weekend."

Comments. It's going to be hard to get a good read on Arrington until he has spoken to Willingham. He seems open to Notre Dame but I don't think we will know how he feels about Notre Dame until he finds out more information about the Irish. We'll keep and eye on him. Top Stories