Byrd Placing Recruiting on Hold

Sugarland, TX is home to Tyrone Byrd. The 6-6, 270-pound offensive lineman has kicked off his season with a loss--something he wasn't too happy about. Byrd says he's been receiving a lot of calls from college coaches but he's trying to focus on his final season.

Tyrone Byrd says his final season for Hightower high school didn't start like he had hoped. "We lost," Byrd said. "We played really bad. We had a lot of mental mistakes that hurt us. The game got delayed for a while and it's hard to keep everyone focused. I'd give myself a low B or a high C for a grade. I do O.K. but I know I can play better than that. We just didn't play well."

College coaches don't seem to mind the loss as they have been calling Byrd all week. "Yeah, the phone has been ringing. I didn't talk to many of them because I've been busy. I want to separate myself from recruiting and have a great senior year. I also don't want to let my books slide so I have been working on that. This will be my last year and I want to enjoy my final season and time I have with my friends."

Byrd says he has only spoken to a few coaches and one was Coach Mattison from Notre Dame. "We talked for a while. He just asked how I felt about Notre Dame and then we spoke about the school. He asked if I wanted to take an official visit to Notre Dame."

Byrd says he like will take a visit to Notre Dame. "Yes sir, I plan to take a visit there."

Byrd did make it to the Texas A&M and Arkansas game. "It was alright. They have a lot of tradition and I like tradition but I don't think they are real high on my list right now."

Recruiting is something Byrd says can wait at this point. "I'll probably just take this month to kind of feel everyone out. I'll narrow my list down at the end of the month and maybe start setting up some official visits. I'm really wide open right now. I just want to talk to the coaches and get a feel for everything."

Comments. Byrd remains wide open right now. We don't expect him to make a decision until after the season. I do think Notre Dame is high on his list but I don't think he has an actual favorite at this point. Top Stories