Southerland Had an "Awesome" Time

Brannan Southerland made his first official visit of the season to South Bend and witnessed a breath taking game. He discussed his trip with IrishEyes.

Brannan Southerland, the 6'2, 218lb FB/LB prospect from Norcross GA recorded 147 tackles last season and also rushed for 650 yards. He took an official visit to Notre Dame this weekend to take in the Notre Dame- Washington State game. Did he enjoy himself?

"It was an awesome experience" said Southerland. "The atmosphere was unbelievable. People always tell you that there's no place like Notre Dame, but you don't understand that until you actually go there" he continued. "I was just awesome."

What were some of the highlights of the weekend for Southerland? "The pep rally on Friday night was great. The fans were really fired up for the game, and they're one of the reasons Notre Dame came back on Saturday."

Southerland also discussed the game, which proved to be very exciting, and very stressful for the Irish faithful. "That first half was crazy for Notre Dame. It was really ugly. They looked a little out of sync. They came out fired up in the second half though. You could tell they really wanted to win the game. I was really impressed with their effort in the second half. They never gave up."

Coach Tyrone Willingham also made a good impression on Southerland. "Coach Willingham is such an intelligent man. When I first talked to him on the phone, I was very impressed with him. When I met him, it just backed up everything I already thought about him. He's really smart, very nice, and knows his stuff. I am very impressed with him."

Southerland made the trip with his Mom and his Aunt and said they loved it as well. "My Mom and Aunt had a great time. They were really excited about the game. They really like Coach Willingham too. Overall I think they were very happy with the trip."

Though Southerland had an awesome time, he did not commit. "This was my first visit. I want to compare this visit with other visits. I have an official visit set up with Oklahoma on November 7th, and I'll probably take some unofficial visits too. I'll probably check out Georgia, Florida State and Florida. I don't think I'm going to decide anytime soon. I really want to concentrate on my season. It wouldn't be fair to my teammates if I didn't."

So where does Notre Dame stand? "Notre Dame is at the top of my list right now."

Comments: Like Southerland said, he's going to take a while before he decides. He has a pretty impressive list of schools he's considering, and we should know a lot more once he's made other visits. Right now, Notre Dame is at the top of his list, and hopefully that will remain after he takes his other visits as well. IrishEyes will keep you updated on Southerland through out the course of the season. Top Stories