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Offer Alert: Tobe Umerah

Pass rushers continue to be one of the major points of emphasis in recruiting the Class of 2018. Notre Dame dipped back into Georgia to offer Tobe Umerah, a prospect that’s been bullish on finding a high academic fit.

Class of 2018
Position: Outside linebacker
Top offers: Alabama, Penn State, Stanford 

Notre Dame still has dire need for pass rushers, right? Chasing quarterbacks around appears to be the thing Umerah does best. His highlight film (linked below) shows that talent in its first clips. And Umerah does it from multiple positions, both inside and out on the edge. Listed as an outside linebacker, Umerah could transition to a few different positions at the next level depending on how growth and development. But one thing is for sure: Umerah is a disruptive force along the defensive line. There’s always value in finding more prospects with that ability.

“The schools that caught my attention the most were Penn State, Alabama, Georgia Tech, and Duke. It was just their facilities were so great. And then seeing the academic side -- I have a big interest in academic schools.” - Umerah, talking with's North Carolina site about programs he’s visited

Umerah has made abundantly clear his interest in top notch academics, which bodes well for Notre Dame. Stanford is already in the mix and could be considered his leader, although it’s early. Penn State recently received a visit. Could this morph into a Stanford-Notre Dame battle. Sure seems like the type of prospect where that could happen.

Autry Denson, Mike Elston 

Two more, most likely. Notre Dame covets pass rushers. That’s common knowledge. Jayson and Justin Ademilola are solidly committed on the defensive line but could both end up on the interior eventually. Finding some prospects to work the edge is paramount. Umerah more than likely fits in to that mold, although he could grow out of it eventually. Still he shows enough ability to rush the passer that it’s worth the effort. Taking a total haul of four defensive linemen seems ideal in a smallish class.

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