Rocky Hinds Is Highly Interested

With the transfer of Chris Olsen last month to Virginia, the importance in landing a solid quarterback for this recruiting season has never shown more evident. One name, Rocky Hinds, out of St. Bernards High School in Playa Del Ray, is one such athlete that a lot of people have been talking about. Irish Eyes was able to speak with him in between practice and homework to catch up with the California recruit.

At 6-4, 207 lbs, and can run the 40 in 4.47 and the 100 in 10.47, many college coaches have been in contact with him after the summer dead period and Notre Dame is no exception. "I just talked to Coach Diedrick," he said. "We talked about getting familiar with the program, the area and the quarterback situation."

Highly interested in Notre Dame, Rocky, still, has yet to pick a date for an official visit. "They are sending dates for the visit and I'll be picking which one I can go to," he said.

With so much attention, Rocky has narrowed down his list, but still doesn't favor a particular school. "USC, UCLA, Washington, CAL, and Notre Dame," he said. "I'm pretty much wide open."

Though he is looking strongly at Notre Dame, Rocky's first hand knowledge of Notre Dame is limited and couldn't comment either way about the school. "I can't really say much about them until I get up there and check it out," he confided.

Like many top recruits, Rocky is not immune to the recruiting frenzy. "It's been crazy," Rocky said. "A lot of calls. A lot of letters. Too much in one night. Tennessee just started recruiting me hard."

With all the commotion, Rocky still keeps focused and one simple goal in mind for himself this year. "I just want to lead the team to a championship," he confessed. "That's pretty much the main thing."

Comments: Rocky is definitely interested in Notre Dame, unfortunately he doesn't have the background on the school to be able make an adequate assessment at this juncture. The key here is when he makes his official visit to Notre Dame, hopefully, it'll be for a home game and he'll witness Notre Dame in all her "glory." Look for the Irish to go stay strong with Rocky till the end. Top Stories