Thomas Herring Is Thankful For Everything

The last time Irish Eyes talked with Thomas Herring, the young man was hoping to hear from Notre Dame. With coaches able to contact players now as of September 1st, Thomas has long since gotten his wish and then some. Irish Eyes talked to him to learn more about his current status.

Rated #44 in The Student Sports Top 100, Thomas Herring has talked to Coach Mattison before the dead period. Now with the dead period over, Irish Eyes wondered if he has heard from Notre Dame at all since. "Not since September 1st," he said. "But they have been sending me mail."

With interest in Notre Dame, Thomas is excited about the possibility of playing at Notre Dame. "I love their fans and I'm looking forward to meeting the coaches," he confessed. "I heard a lot of good things about Coach Mattison and the other coaches."

With the Irish winning their season opener, Thomas was left impressed with the victory. "They don't play no games," he said. "They take care of business. That win was a sign of good coaching."

Though he has received many positive comments and compliments, especially from Coach Mattison, Thomas still remains humble and thankful for everything he has. "He was just congratulating me," he said. "He said that I was on of the best players he's seen this spring and that he was looking forward to recruiting me. It's definitely music to my ears. It's nice to see all the off-season work paying off. I worked out in the gym a lot and I guess this is all because of that hard work. It's definitely a great blessing. I can't thank god enough for everything."

Being so young and humble is what separate Thomas from the rest, especially when he's suffered so much as a young man and lives in South Central Los Angeles, where gunfire and violence is a common everyday occurrence. "We are always told to be a good Christian," he said. "I was taught to be a respectful boy, respect your elders, and be thankful. I see a lot of the older guys and the way they act and it wouldn't make no sense to be a bad kid."

Wanting to take all his official visits, Thomas doesn't want to drag out the recruiting process as much as he has too. "I'm gonna take a little time, but not too much. I wanna just gather my thoughts then decide."

Comments: If there was ever a definition for a Notre Dame kid, Thomas Herring's picture would be right there. Talking to him was truly a gratifying experience. I hope he comes out for a home game and sees the environment on campus. A sit down with Coach Willingham would help too, but right now I think USC leads on account that it's all he knows. Look for things to change and for the Irish to make a big impression on him. Top Stories