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Florida speed back connects with Denson

With Georgia running back Christian Turner now a verbal commitment to Michigan, the Irish will continue to seek backs to complement Markese Stepp. Jashaun Corbin could be the guy.

Notre Dame offered Jashaun Corbin one month ago as Notre Dame continues to search nationwide for a second running back to go with Markese Stepp.

The versatile speedster from Holy Trinity Episcopal in Melbourne, Fla., not only possesses game-breaking speed, but has proven to be a valuable receiver on the prep level too. Corbin lines up in the backfield, as a slot receiver and split out wide for Episcopal. And he’s effective in all those positions.

Corbin’s stats are certainly worth mentioning.

Last season he racked up 1,022 yards rushing while adding 619 yards receiving to go with 18 total touchdowns. Most notable are his career stats. The high-production junior has totaled 2,982 yards rushing, 1,418 yards receiving while scoring 49 touchdowns during his three-year career.

“I’m still really high on Notre Dame,” Corbin said. “Me and coach (Autry) Denson, we talk a lot actually. I really like coach Denson. He seems like a great coach and a really cool guy. He knows how to have fun but at the same time, he knows when it’s time to get down to business.”

Of course, a visit to South Bend will be key for both Corbin and Notre Dame.

“I’m trying to find a time to get up there but Notre Dame’s still really high on my list,” Corbin said. “Our spring break is pretty much over and we go back to school on Monday. Probably in the summer while I have a few months off school.”

Common factors exist between Holy Trinity Episcopal School and Notre Dame, as well as the football programs within the two. It all plays a part in why he’s looking hard at the Irish.

“I really like Notre Dame. It’s similar to my school, it’s a private school, tough academics, strong football schedule, because we play that type of competition every year,” Corbin said. “I really like that every game that they play is going to be on T.V., regardless of who they’re playing. And, they have really good coaches, so you really can’t go wrong with Notre Dame.

“Education is a really big part, because football is only going to last so long. In college, I want to study communication.”

For years, Florida football coaches have been putting Corbin’s versatile skill set to use in a variety of ways.

“Growing up, I was pretty much an athlete, you know, playing wherever I could get the ball and make plays,” Corbin said. “I moved from quarterback to receiver to running back. I played pretty much all the skill positions.

Corbin explained which type of running back he see’s himself becoming at the college ranks.

“I’ll be a versatile running back, making big plays at any given moment, whether it’s running the ball or out wide,” Corbin said. “I bring a mismatch to a lot of defenses. I’ll be the guy every defense has to worry about where he is because I’ll be able to make a play. Just big-play ability and explosive.”

On film, Corbin’s speed appears to be elite.

“The most recent (40-yard dash), I ran at Florida State a while ago, was a 4.42,” Corbin said.

During Corbin’s Spring break, he set off on an unofficial visit trip through the Southeast, which included a considerable number of notable stops.

“During the spring, I’ve been to about seven schools,” Corbin said. “They weren’t as far as Notre Dame, but, I went to Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, North Carolina, Clemson, Tennessee, Georgia Tech and Auburn.”

Still, he returned to Florida without any favorites. He mentioned that none of the visits were game-changers in his recruitment.

“Not really,” Corbin said. “Tennessee, I’ve always really liked it when I’ve been up there. But, all of those visits were great, I enjoyed all of them. There wasn’t really one that stands out. That was the one visit trip I’m going on this spring. We go back to school now, then into exams and then the summer.”

Corbin spoke of his commitment date uncertainty.

“I think when the time I’ll do it is when I feel the time is right for me and my family,” Corbin said. “I’ll talk to them and then whenever I feel comfortable in making a decision, then I’ll make it. I don’t have a certain time.” Top Stories