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Irish offer a ‘big one’ for 4-star

Four-star linebacker Jack Lamb was offered by Notre Dame on Tuesday and the 6-foot-4, 218-pound junior has fit profile for the Irish from the start. Lamb talked to Irish Illustrated about his excitement following Notre Dame’s move.

Jack Lamb wanted this one.

But considering Notre Dame already had two linebacker commitments on board and limited space at the position, it wasn’t clear if Lamb would get the Irish scholarship offer he craved. Yet on Tuesday, Notre Dame delivered for the four-star athlete who posted 117 tackles, 18 tackles for loss, one interception, five pass breakups and two fumble recoveries during his junior season at Great Oak High School in Temecula, Calif.

“It’s definitely one of the ones I’ve been waiting on for a while, for sure,” Lamb said. “It’s a great school and a great football program and it’s a big one for me, so that’s awesome.”

The Irish staff continues to use a collaborative method in its recruiting approach. Notre Dame’s California-area recruiter has recently gotten involved in Lamb’s recruitment.

“(Brian) Polian was the one that made the offer today over the phone,” Lamb said. “Coach Lea is the one I’ve been talking to over text mostly. He’s been checking in, seeing how I’m doing, stuff like that. But coach Polian was the one who called today and made the offer.”

Now that Lamb has an Irish offer, things get complicated. The Opening Finals invitee recently returned from a nationwide trip. A future Notre Dame visit would seem out of reach for some, considering the amount of ground him and his family have already covered. But maybe not.

“I don’t think it’s too big of an issue,” Lamb said. “I’ll definitely try to make it up there, for sure, during the summer. Coach Polian said to come out during June. That’d be the plan.”

During his college tour Lamb saw Stanford, Cal, Washington, Oregon and Penn State.

“All really, really different schools with great things about them,” he said. “I thought it was a really good way to do it, the way I did, being able to compare a bunch of different schools.”

Lamb plays both inside and outside linebacker at the high school level. At Notre Dame, he would likely be a fit at either the Mike or Buck position. Lamb shows off great speed in pursuit, takes efficient angles to the football and excels in pass coverage.

“I’ve been playing inside a lot longer,” Lamb said. “As far as preference, I don’t really have one. I started playing a little bit of outside last year and I really enjoyed it, so it really just depends on where the coach wants to put me.”

Cal, Duke, Arizona State, Oregon, Penn State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Washington are among the 20 college offers Lamb has in hand. Now that Notre Dame is in the mix, he will have to completely re-evaluate his recruitment.

“I wouldn’t say I really have any leaders right now, but getting a Notre Dame offer, being one that I’ve been waiting on is really awesome, so it really makes it a harder decision with all these great schools. I’m not at a point where I know a top 5 or anything like that.”

Although Lamb is in a bind with all the intriguing offers on his plate, he has an idea of when he’ll announce his decision.

“Hopefully sometime before I start my senior season, before the regionals come out,” he said. “If I’m not decided by then, I’ll wait until after.”

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